5 Types of Shipping Containers

Containers serve the most important role in transporting commodities from one location to the rest of the globe. Without shipping containers, none of the commerce, shipping business, or transportation activity would be possible. As a result, numerous shipping containers, like SCF shipping containers, are used to hold various commodities based on the requirements of the carried goods.

5 Types of Shipping Containers

Since more than 90% of the world's cargo is transported by ship, the main purpose of shipping containers is to safeguard and guarantee the safety of the items. The containers' structures, forms, and dimensions vary depending on the product they are intended to transport and their function. And below are the top 5 most common and used types of shipping containers.

1. Flat Rack Containers

It is a simple shipping container with foldable sides to make a flat rack that can fit a range of goods of distinct sizes like construction materials, heavy machinery, vehicles, big reels, etc. No need to worry about its sides being collapsible because its end walls are stable and strong enough to keep the goods safe and in place.

2. Double Door Shipping Containers

Double doors shipping containers are a type of container known for their wider room because of their 'double door' element on both ends of the shipping container. These containers can help you load and unload goods easily and even make a wider room for products like iron and steel. Aside from that, its doors are secured with weather-tight seals and the same locking construction to cover your goods.

3. Insulated Containers

Insulated containers differ from other shipping containers since they can bear a higher temperature because of their regulated temperature control feature. These containers usually have mechanical compressors that can cool or heat the inside air. As a result, they are the most ideal for long-distance shipment of certain products, including biological materials, chemicals, foods, pharmaceuticals, etc.

4. Dry Containers

Also known as general-purpose containers and are considered the most popular shipping containers used. These containers are usually covered with strong floors, roofs, and sidewalls. Dry containers may vary in sizes, such as 10ft, 20ft, or even 40ft. It can also have additional features like liner bags or flexitanks, allowing you to ship several liquids or dry bulk cargo.

5. High Cube Containers

High Cube containers are comparable to the shape of general-purpose containers. The only difference is that it's taller by 1 foot. These containers are usually used when there's a need for a bigger volume capacity and come in 40' and 45' sizes. Also, its high ceilings make it ideal for living spaces, offices, and even equipment cases.

Know What Shipping Container You Need

Each container has unique characteristics. The significance of knowing each shipping container depends on the necessity to safeguard goods during travel. This can ensure that items are not harmed during transport and arrive in perfect shape. It also allows the processes to run more efficiently, reducing mistakes and delays.


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