Best Shoes For Office Wear For Women

Many women in recent years have started to dominate their life working in an office. The study says that the percentage of women workers is only going to increase in the coming years. As with every career, an outfit is what makes you stand out from the rest of your employees, making sure you get that promotion or clear that interview that you've always wanted. Thus when it comes to office wear, if you have little to no knowledge, the options of shoes available for women can seem limited. This is not really the case. In fact, with some research, you can find a handful of good shoe options available for women that can be paired with office wear. To make life easier for you, in this article, we have researched and have come up with a list of shoes that we think will be an amazing choice for office wear so that you can look confident among your colleagues.

Best Shoes For Office Wear For Women

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes, as the name suggests, is a formal shoes on this list. They are similar to men's dress shoes. Hence formal outfits like pants and blazers or pants and button downs are some of the best outfits you can match your dress shoes. Additionally, they are great for occasions like business meets and conferences. 

Bow Knit Heels

Knit Heels offer a unique design to the office wear collection for women. If you didn't know, the uppers of these heels are completely hand knitted thus giving you an aesthetic yet simple look. The bow shaped heel is an addition that not only increases your height but also makes your knit heels stand out from the crowd. As for clothing, anything from jeans to skirts to cotton pants is a great choice. For any type of knit heels, the only online vendor that I trust and recommend to others is BURUDANI. With plenty of options to choose from, especially for knit shoes, BURUDANI offers nothing but quality at an affordable price.

Pointed Toe High Heels

Pointed toe high heels are an all-time classic. It has become a wardrobe staple for many office-going women working in a higher position. Thus if you are a boss or a team leader in your company and tend to wear blazers and business/pencil skirts often, make sure you have a pair of black pointed toe high heels in your wardrobe. 

Solid Colored Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are suitable for many occasions and clothes. Thus they become a natural choice for office wears. Ankle boots are more of a semi-formal shoe and hence can be matched easily with jeans and button-down shirts, as well as cotton pants. Printed ankle boots come off more as casual shoes as opposed to their solid color counterpart and so we recommend solid color ankle boots for office wear clothing.

Square Toe Loafers

Though loafers are common among men, it is slowly gaining value in the female market as well. If skirts are one of your preferred choice of office wear, these loafers are an amazing match. Loafers from BURUDANI Shoes are flexible, breathable, and skin-friendly too. Hence you need not worry about any unwanted irritations, and thus can be worn during the hottest summer days without any issues.

Ankle Strap Flats

If you are not a fan of heels or loafers, flats are your best bet. Unlike other flats, the ankle strap flats keep your shoe in place, without having to worry about it coming off your feet. With enough open area, these shoes are extremely breathable and can be worn with office outfits ranging from jeans to formal dresses, making them a potential choice if you plan on owning just one pair of shoes for all your office clothes. 

Oxford Shoes

Oxfords are a top shoe in the men's category. That doesn't mean a woman shouldn't wear them. To pull off this look successfully, all you have to do is match this shoe with a somewhat feminine top and jeans. We recommend Oxfords as it is one of the few shoes that are made just for office purposes. Hence even if it belongs to the men's footwear category, it is still worth buying one.


The last and the most unexpected shoe on our list is the sneakers. Though sneakers are not really a shoe made for office wear, they can still become a viable option if your office staff allows it. Additionally, if you tend to wear dresses or jeans for work more often, then sneakers could potentially be one of the best choices for a youthful look. Nike Air Force 1, with its classic yet fun vibe, is a great choice for office wear on casual Fridays. The AF1 laces can be easily customized, adding a touch of individuality to your professional look.


In conclusion, these are some of the trending and good looking shoes that we think will be suitable for an office woman. We have researched and stand by our choices of shoes for office wear. Additionally, look at BURUDANI Shoes if you need affordable hand-knit shoes ranging from heels to loafers to mules and many more. So with that said, which one are you going to buy to add to your office look?