Getting Started with BSV: How to buy Bitcoin SV?

What is BSV Crypto?

BSV crypto is a cryptocurrency of Bitcoin Cash’s hard fork, which in turn is a fork of Bitcoin. Bitcoin SV was founded by Craig Wright who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto even though there is very little proof of this assertion. However, many people still believe that Bitcoin SV, where SV stands for Satoshi Vision, is really the embodiment of what the anonymous creator of the original Bitcoin wanted. 

Getting Started with BSV: How to buy Bitcoin SV?

The team behind Bitcoin SV states that their goal is to solve scalability issues. To do this they use a larger block size and encrypt more data into each block by using PoW (proof-of-work). The creators of BSV wanted their cryptocurrency to be able to replace every other payment system along with providing better security and lower transactional prices. It is fair to say that they succeeded in their goal. 

Bitcoin SV has the potential to do what the creators had in their minds. BSV not only has a very low transaction fee but also completes transactions at a very high speed. Transactions of BSV crypto cost less than $0.01 and support over 50.000 transactions per second. All of these are thanks to the larger block sizes. 

Why Choose Bitcoin SV?

  • Low transaction fees (less than $0.01);
  • Very high-speed transaction speed, almost instant (over 50 000/second);
  • Better user experience;
  • Safer level of security;
  • Stability and scalability provided for businesses to trust BSV for making investments

Thanks to all the benefits that Bitcoin SV carries, it has a potential to substitute all payment systems in the world. 

Also, it is predicted that the value of BSV will increase in the future due to many other factors. For example, one of them is that BSV is considered to be a green technology. Since the world is becoming more and more aware of environmental issues, the number of people choosing Bitcoin SV will also increase.

How to Buy Bitcoin SV?

1. Compare Cryptocurrency Exchange Rates

The best and easiest way to buy BSV is from a crypto exchange. Choose which is best for you and provides all you need. You can compare the prices to find the lowest, check the software to understand if it is easy to use for you and see if they have 24-hour customer support if it is beneficial for you, etc.

2. Create an Online Account 

After choosing a crypto platform or crypto broker that supports BSV trading, it is necessary to open an account. To do this, it will be necessary to provide a little bit of personal data, verify email address and identity. It is also recommended to prepare a photo ID.

Very often crypto brokers charge small fees that are based on percentage. 

3. Buy a Wallet (not mandatory)

Buying a wallet is recommended for those people who plan to keep their crypto investments for a long term. In such a case, it is best to open a private wallet since it is secure, and will give a  set of personal keys that can be used for storing investments.

The Main types of cryptocurrency wallets include: 

  • Hardware wallets
  • Software wallets

4. Make a Deposit 

It is time to make investments! Right after verifying a created account, it is possible to deposit. It is possible to use any payment method, such as debit or credit card, bank transfer, Neteller or third-party payment services like PayPal or others. 

The specific process of buying BSV can vary from broker to broker. 

Steps that are most spread when doing the first investment in BSV:

Linking a payment method

Not all, but most crypto brokers and crypto platforms require linking a payment method to a created account.

Location Bitcoin SV

After finding a current price for BSV, it is necessary to calculate how much to invest. If the entire coin’s price is not affordable for a buyer, brokers allow purchasing a share of it. It is not obligatory to buy an entire coin at once.

Placing an order

After completing all the steps, it will be possible to place an order! Once it is complete, the investment will be seen in a buyer's account. 

For all other investments to BSV it will only be needed to enter the wanted amount of the cryptocurrency and click “Buy.” Also, Bitcoin SV can be withdrawn to a personal wallet at any time.