How to Track Amazon Price?

Everyone benefits from Amazon price monitoring. Whether it is the clients trying to get a good bargain or the merchants keeping an eye out for the competitor's prices. Nonetheless, nobody likes refreshing product listings manually every minute to check if the pricing has changed (and yes, it does change that frequently). The good news is that you can use Amazon monitoring software to take care of these monotonous tasks nowadays.

How to Track Amazon Price?

So, how does Amazon price tracker work? Let's check it out!

What Is Amazon Price Monitoring Software?

In the modern digital era of online shopping, it is easier than ever before to continuously track and compare pricing over time.

A pricing tracking tool is an AMZ seller service or software that may monitor the fluctuations of merchandise prices in a certain marketplace, including Amazon.

Many online buyers utilize a price tracking service to monitor the ever-constant pricing fluctuations of online items. Such tools detect when the prices change and send the user an instant alert. 

Price tracking tools notify you when pricing changes and make it simpler to compare the tags of items across different retail platforms– if you are tracking several product listings simultaneously.

Below are a few conditions you should consider when choosing price-tracking services.

The best AMZ trackers:

  • Notify you as soon as it spots price changes.
  • Allow you to monitor any product on the platforms and not restrict you to a set of goods.
  • Provide you with a complete view of your competitors' pricing shifts.

Best Price Tracking Tools


Not only is this tool free of charge, but it also provides several practical solutions for users trying to figure out how to monitor the cost of a product on AMZ as effortlessly as possible. This convenient  tracker scans millions of goods and notifies you when prices drop, allowing you to reduce your prices if needed. 


Like other price-tracking platforms, Keepa has got its little niche. Copy-paste any Amazon link for the item you wish into its search box, and within seconds you will get a detailed pricing history for the product from Amazon, new, used, or even on eBay!


It's a Google Chrome extension. It searches for better product costs by comparing with a full bunch of platforms, including Amazon. Besides, you can make a drop-list, which informs you if the prices fall for a product on your list. 

Honey is a good AMZ pricing tool for several reasons, including its ease of use and ubiquity. It also delivers a free exclusive service to all its users. In addition to monitoring prices based on an item's history, the tool also finds coupon codes for whatsoever products you are searching for.


Amazon merchants are notorious for increasing their pricing before artificially listing their goods discounted. Walmart and Amazon are also locked in a pricing war, regularly reducing prices to outcompete each other.

By using the AMZ price tracking, you do not have to manually check the product listings and remember the originally listed costs. Likewise, you do not need to manually compare the pricing to other sets to make sure you are getting a deal.

Just set up multiple tools on different eCommerce websites and get alerts when the prices drop on one of them.

Set it and forget it – you will know exactly when the prices change.

Happy Amazon selling!