Instagram Reel Strategies to Enhance Consumer Engagement

Reels are a brand new addition to the Instagram family, bringing about a massive revolution in customer engagement. Reels are one of the most effective ways to engage your audience and improve your follower count. The primary reason reels are a favorite of content creators is that - Reels are an effective way to reach Instagram users who are not your current followers. It is a magnet to attract Instagram users to visit your page and profile and explore the content; if they like it, you will gain new followers. 

Instagram Reel Strategies to Enhance Consumer Engagement

Popular statistics say that more than 50% of the current Instagram follower base uses reels to explore more pages on Instagram. Instagram statistics also claim that reels are a new modality in Instagram that successfully generates more engagement (20% excess) than traditional methods on Instagram. 

Strategies for Better Engagement With Reels

Here are some of the proven strategies for content creators to make the best use of Reels to promote their accounts and increase the follower count:

Choose an Attractive Audio

The music or audio is an essential component of your reel. To help your reels get maximum visibility and generate engagement, it is essential to use engaging music with the same. The Instagram music library is quite profound, and you can use the music according to the nature of your content. When choosing the music, remember that an Instagram reel can be 15 to 30 seconds long, so it is imperative to choose the best section of the track to complement your reel. You can even add voice-over tracks or live audio for the reels. 


Reels are not just a way to entertain users. As discussed previously, reels are a magnet that will attract the user to check your profile and explore your content. A reel should be a manifestation of your individuality and personality. It helps to connect with the users on a more personal level. For example, if you are trying to promote your business through reels, you can include some staff interviews or scenes of making product reels on your page. This will help the user identify your account as unique and, in turn, enhance visibility. If you are a content creator and want to increase your follower count by bounds and leaps, Famoid is the right place to be around. Famoid followers are entitled to the best services when it comes to making their Instagram account more attractive and increasing the reach of their content. 

Time of Posting

The timing of the content is sometimes even more important than the content itself. Try to post the reels at that point of the day when a maximum number of your followers would be available. This enhances engagement. Post the reels when most of your followers are online. There are several analytical tools - inherently from Instagram or third-party tools that can help you trace the tight time to post content. Reels get shared maximally when they are posted at the optimum time. 

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