Is CoinMarketCap the best trading platform for cryptocurrency?

What is CoinMarketCap?

A well-known portal for monitoring current cryptocurrency rankings, market capitalizations, pricing, and patterns is CoinMarketCap. Dozens of cryptocurrencies are listed on CoinMarketCap, which also provides real-time pricing data in different fiat currencies. Aside from the twenty-four-hour trading activity, price graphs, exchange listings, optimum supplies, and floating supplies, CoinMarketCap also provides other useful information. For more detail join bitcoin evolution.

Is CoinMarketCap the best trading platform for cryptocurrency?

Based on data gathered from many cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinMarketCap is updated often (many times per minute). The site's graph structure is beneficial because it enables customers to see the changes in the currency and token prices over time. A basic summary of the top coins in terms of usage and trading volumes may be found on the website's main page, which lists cryptocurrencies in a sequence of market capitalization. Since its creation, CoinMarketCap has developed into one of the most valuable resources for comparing the value of different coins and tokens. Presently, it is among the most popular sites for crypto-related content.

History behind CoinMarketCap

On May 1st, 2013, CoinMarketCap was launched. The necessity for a single, ready-made instrument for evaluating trading activity in the cryptocurrency trading community and its worldwide ratings gave rise to the notion of designing such a platform. CoinMarketCap has integrated many extra tools for researching and evaluating the cryptocurrency markets during its nine-year tenure. Additionally, iOS and Android device users can now download it as a mobile application. Offering users the most reliable, accurate, and current statistics about cryptocurrencies is stated as CoinMarketCap's purpose. Transfers to the wallets listed at the bottom of the site are purely charities and have no bearing on the rank of any cryptocurrency. Additionally, it does not charge for adding new coins to CoinMarketCap. 

Features of CoinMarketCap

  • Any user of the CoinMarketCap site is given a straightforward presentation that just takes a few minutes to understand (keeping in view that the user already understands the basics of cryptocurrency purchase and trade using bitcoin trading software, etc.). All exchange rates, trade volumes, capitalization, and other information are initially uploaded in its English version and are expressed in US dollars. Users can always change the site's language to any of the several alternatives offered.
  • The Night Mode visualization of CoinMarketCap's site is supported via a button next to the drop-down menu to modify the language and currency. The website keeps track of your selections for future interactions (only if the same browser is often used and cookies are not cleared).

CoinMarketCap – the best trading platform for cryptocurrency

The most popular tools for daily analytics among traders may be cryptocurrency trade data aggregators. With their assistance, you may rapidly learn about the market's condition, asset values and capitalization, exchange trading patterns, and the coins and trade pairs available on them. Over time, these services' capability increases, and the methods used to calculate various metrics become more accurate. As a result, although having relatively similar capabilities, these analytical tools differ significantly. According to several sources, the most well-known Binance exchange is set to be purchased by CoinMarketCap, the largest analytical service in terms of users. If the deal goes through, it will rank among the biggest in the sector. A robust synergistic effect from this acquisition may likely cause CoinMarketCap traffic to increase even further. Additionally, perhaps the substantial financial powers of Binance will aid the platform's growth.

Users can learn a wide range of information using CoinMarketCap. A couple of them are:

  • Market capitalization - Explore the market cap of one of the more than 2800 cryptocurrencies, which is calculated by multiplying the price per unit by the total number of units.  Market capitalization only considers the coins that have already been struck, not the entire quantity of the currency.
  • Volume - All 2800+ listed cryptocurrencies' twenty-four-hour trading volume, or the total value exchanged in each coin's markets over the previous 24 hours, is listed on For instance, the trading volume of bitcoin would be USD 45 billion if USD 20 billion had been exchanged on one platform and USD 25 billion had been transacted across all other platforms on the previous day.


Despite being the most popular website for researching cryptocurrencies, CoinMarketCap still lacks many features. Remember that CoinMarketCap is only a general assessment tool to learn about cryptocurrency.