Why should you invest in cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are no doubt a debated topic across the world. Unfortunately, the crypto world is quite complex and has a broader scope. Thus, making it more challenging to start investing in cryptocurrency or have any rational conversation on the topic.

Why should you invest in cryptocurrencies?

As per the latest canadian crypto news % of Canadians own crypto funds or crypto assets. It shows the rising demand for cryptocurrencies in the country. 

Reasons to invest in cryptocurrencies

Some cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, may have gained mainstream importance due to their mass acceptance. Though, other digital currencies like Ethereum have generated lucrative returns on investment.

Every day, you open the internet and learn about one or the other sort of Canadian crypto news. In addition, various crypto exchanges offer different facilities to get the cryptocurrencies of your choice.

Hence, if you are a Canada-based trader looking to buy cryptocurrency, you should partner with any of the reputable brokers to facilitate your trades economically and cost-effectively. 

Earn lucrative returns

Crypto has a lot of potential as it is a whole new concept. Thus, opening up multiple doors to endless and exciting future possibilities. 

For example, suppose any technology linked with a cryptocurrency has been adopted at the forefront by any of the top non-crypto brands. In that case, the chances of Ether (ETH) coins gaining higher value may increase. 

This can give early investors a bright chance of earning potentially high returns as it carries broader scope. Bitcoin is a popular cryptocurrency that is seen as a successful example of how easy and widespread adoption may help to boost its price.

Protect your money from Inflation

Inflation can dilute the value of fiat currencies over a certain period. Though, it may have a small impact on cryptocurrencies in the conventional sense.

A government or bank may not manipulate crypto in any way. More vitality means that cryptocurrencies have more potential to earn returns than the rate at certain kinds of currency losses.

However, this does not mean cryptocurrencies are free from inflation. If cryptocurrencies are mined efficiently, their value decreases theoretically, as there would be specific measures to tackle this.

The best example is Bitcoin, which may be reduced after a certain period.

Have total control over your investment

The government or federal government doesn't manipulate the value of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you may not have control over them.

Only certain crypto holders have the vital means to access the investment with a sure thing called a private key. Thus, giving grants total control over specific buying, sending, and receiving of all cryptocurrencies.

Add or maintain a diversified portfolio

As crypto is known to be inflation-resistant, it may have the potential to generate certain kinds of lucrative returns.

Crypto is known to be uncorrelated with certain kinds of assets like bonds and stocks. These factors may give cryptocurrencies a worthy addition to an investor's portfolio, but they have an above-average risk. At this stage, you can consult a financial advisor.

Benefits from Innovation

Your investment in cryptocurrencies may make you feel like closing it. However, it may benefit your project in two ways. Firstly, it signals social proof that may give you trust and confidence in a project.

Secondly, it can give your project a range to expand its services. Again, this would be a good thing for the investors.


Crypto has limitless possibilities and can help you earn a specific wealth. However, though they are a worthy investment, you should know everything about it before giving a final call on investing in them.