Different Moissanite Engagement Rings - The Perfect Proposal Rings

Every woman loves style and fashion. This is especially in clothing and jewelry accessories. For engagement rings, there is no gambling about the quality; that is why moissanite is a great choice. Today, moissanite engagement rings have flooded the market due to their quality and beauty. They are perfect proposal rings for anyone that loves brilliance and stylish rings. 

Different Moissanite Engagement Rings - The Perfect Proposal Rings

The good thing about moissanite rings is that they come in different sizes and shapes. There is a wider collection of moissanite rings available in the market today than there has ever been. For that reason, women have a variety of choices to pick from based on their desires and needs. You, too, can get a perfect moissanite ring for your engagement. 

Moissanite Rings for Your Engagement 

We all have different tastes and preferences. Therefore, one choice may not be a perfect fit for another. For that reason, moissanite is a great option for those looking for variety before picking an engagement ring. Moissanite comes in all colors and shapes. Therefore, you will not miss an ideal engagement ring based on your fashion style. 

If you are considering a moissanite engagement ring, there are several shapes for you to choose from. Some shapes include the cushion, oval, radiant, emerald, triangle, pear, and antique styles, among many others. Still, all these options are available in a variety of colors. The most common shapes are round, oval, cushion, and half-moon cuts, among others. All these are perfect rings for an engagement moment. Here is a closer look at each one of them: 

  • Round-cut Moissanite Ring. This includes emerald cross-cut and light blue radiant, among other twists, to get you a unique feel of your engagement. 
  • Princess-cut moissanite ring. Here, you will get cushion-cut colorless options and other uniquely made rings. They all have unique designs tailored to your needs.
  • Marquise-cut moissanite ring. Get a colorless marquise-cut moissanite ring, marquise-cut moissanite solitaire design, and other closely related shapes meeting different tastes and preferences. 
  • Radiant Moissanite Ring. It is all in the cut and arrangement of moissanite gem on your ring. The radiant option is carefully designed to give you a sparkling ring available in different shapes and color shades. 

The above moissanite engagement ring options are a non-exhaustive list of what you could find in the moissanite ring market. There are more styles and designs than you can imagine. 

Why Moissanite for your Engagement Rings? 

Today, moissanite is almost synonymous with diamond. However, they are different. All the same, moissanite is the number one alternative to the conventional diamond used in the making of jewelry, such as engagement rings. Why is this so? Here are the reasons: 

  • Matching Strength and Hardness. On the Mohs scale of hardness, moissanite has almost the same hardness as diamond. While diamond scores a 10, moissanite comes a close second with a value of 9.25. Therefore, you will get durable moissanite rings for your engagement. 
  • Affordability. Moissanite gives you diamond-like qualities at a cheaper price. Lab-grown moissanite is more affordable by far than a mined diamond. Therefore, you will save a lot of money by getting a moissanite ring. 
  • Variety of Shapes and Sizes. As discussed earlier, moissanite comes in different shapes and sizes, unlike mined gems, whose shapes are defined by the Earth's crust. Therefore, you will get to choose unique designs from moissanite ring options. 
  • Ethical Considerations. Moissanite is mainly lab-grown. Therefore, its sourcing has no catastrophic impact on the environment. Therefore, it is more ethical to buy moissanite rings than diamond rings
  • Scratch and Heat Resistance. Engagement rings are a great symbol of love and commitment. Therefore, they are meant to last. For that reason, moissanite has scratch and heat resistance qualities that will guarantee long service as long as your relationship lasts. 

Final Thoughts

The opportunity to pick a favorite choice from various engagement ring options is usually a great idea. This is what you get from moissanite rings. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors to ensure you get what you want from a different combination of factors guiding your choice. Therefore, this is indeed a great choice to consider when picking engagement rings for a marriage proposal.