Land Rover Defender - Choosing Your Next Car

It can be a difficult decision to make when choosing which vehicle is going to be your next car. It is not always an easy decision to make as there is such a vast range of cars available and there are numerous factors that will impact which is the best one for you. Many of the people we speak to have told us that they find car shopping to be highly stressful and so put it off until they absolutely have to buy a new car.

Land Rover Defender - Choosing Your Next Car

The problem with doing it this way is that if you have no time to shop around for the best deal available, you may pay far more than necessary. We would recommend that you never leave car shopping until your car is undrivable unless you have to. 

There will be occasions where you will not have a choice of when you buy your new car if something major breaks or your car is written off in an accident, for example. However, today we are focussing on tips for buying a new car where you have time to browse and make a measured decision. 

Beginning to Look

Whatever the reason is that you are shopping for a new car, you will have to begin somewhere. It may be that you already have the specific car you want to buy in mind. You may want to upgrade to the newer model of the car you already own. If this is the case, then car buying will be a much easier task than if you have no idea which car to choose. 

If you do know which car you want to buy and you are not planning to look around at any others, you can skip to our tips for finding the best deals on cars. However, if you still want to have a look at what is available, then the first place to start is to make a shortlist. 

Making Your Shortlist

There are two steps we recommend to help you to make the best shortlist for a new car, and the order in which you complete these steps does not matter, although we find our order easiest: 

  • Look online at various car showrooms, manufacturers, and used car sites.
  • From the list of cars you are interested in, going to car showrooms or used car lots to see them in person is the next step to take. 

The reason we like to shop in this way is to focus our time looking in person and also ensure that you have an idea in mind of what you want before you begin speaking to the salespeople. It could be that a car you love when viewing online is unsuitable when you view it in person, so doing both is important.

After viewing the shortlist of cars in person, you may be able to narrow this list down even further to help you make your next decision. 

Used or New

Now that you have a list of makes and models that you are interested in, the next step is to decide if you are planning to buy used or new. If you are looking for a very new model that has just been released, such as the new Land Rover Defender Hard Top, you would most likely have to buy new. If a car has not been available long enough to become a ‘used’ car, then your options will be limited. 

Similarly, if you are wishing to customize the add-ons of the model you are purchasing, it is very likely that you will have to buy brand new to fit in all of the add-ons available. Although some used cars may already have the add-ons you want and some used-car garages will be able to add some extras for you. 

If you are happy to shop for a used car, then we recommend that you do your research into the car garages you are considering and look at customer reviews. It is important to know that the garage you are shopping in has a good reputation before you sit down with the salesperson. 

Considerations Before Buying

There are several other considerations to make before signing for your new car. One of those considerations is how the new vehicle will affect your insurance payments. If you are buying a car that is going to significantly increase your insurance payments, you will need to be aware of this before buying the car. 

You can usually complete a new quote with your current insurance company either online or via the phone to check the impact on your payments. Getting an insurance quote prior to buying the car is important to ensure that it is financially viable for you to drive the car after you purchase it. 

If buying a used car, you should also look at the vehicle service history to ensure there have been no repeated issues with the car since manufacture. Of course, it is recommended that you find a reputable garage that is able to do Land Rover Repairs (and other bespoke repairs for other cars) at some point during the time you have the car. You shouldn't expect a major issue to crop up straight away, so make sure the car you are purchasing has some form of warranty as well, just in case. It goes without saying that checking the garage you are purchasing the car from is reputable is important too, check online and read reviews from previous customers and sales. If the garage has plenty of good reviews, you can shop with peace of mind.

Getting the Best Deal

Once you have decided on the make and model of the car that you wish to buy, the next step is to ensure that you get the best possible value for money. The price will vary depending on where you shop, the condition of the car you are buying if you are adding extras to the car, and several other factors. 

The best thing to do is to set a budget for how much you are willing to pay for your new car and have that in mind when discussing it with the salesperson. It can be helpful to tell them how much you are looking to spend so they can give you the best value for the money you have available. You can then discuss if there is any movement on the price you are being quoted or any extras, they can add on if the price cannot be changed.