Lodha Crown Dombivli Review

It is not much of an exaggeration to claim that Taloja Bypass is among India's most desirable residential areas. Thus, I knew I would only be finishing my education from here. The first objective, choosing a university, was a piece of cake. I had difficulty finding a nice apartment in a location that was handy for me to be near my institution. The flats in Lodha Crown Dombivli resulted from my quest, which ultimately took me there. Not only does Lodha Crown provide you with a warm and welcoming home that you can call your own, but it also provides you with a miniature world full of lavish amenities right within the boundaries of society's grounds.

Lodha Crown Dombivli Review

How did I Get to Know About Lodha Crown Dombivli?

To attend college in Taloja on my own, I first needed to go beyond my father's doubts and reservations. Consequently, he spoke with all his relatives and close friends to locate a pleasant locality for me to make my home. He looked about till he discovered my brother, who had moved to this area. He informed me that he already lived in the complex and that I should consider moving in as it offered everything I needed, including the safety and amenities I loved most.

Price and the Amenities I Adore 

It is feasible that the money you have might be used to acquire a spectacular home for you that is located on breathtakingly beautiful green scenery and large open expanses of land. Flats like this may be purchased for anywhere from 28.99 Lacs to 45.99 Lacs, depending on the size and features of the unit. When I bought mine, it was listed for 36 lakhs of rupees. The following are some of these attractions:

  • A magnificent clubhouse that has a swimming pool, indoor gaming rooms, a fitness centre, a library, a party space, and a community hall.
  • A play area for children that is both large and roomy to ensure that your children will continue to be active and boisterous.
  • A big, well-kept, and verdant garden for your leisurely evening strolls.
  • Proximity to the well-regarded Lodha World School will ensure that your children have access to all the chances they are due.

Three Reasons Why I Will Recommend Buying a Property in Lodha Crown Dombivli

Location Advantages 

You will find that Lodha Crown Dombivli is the ideal location for purchasing the property of your dreams. Because of its ideal location, Lodha Crown allows its residents to commute to their place of employment or send their children to prestigious schools without worrying about the time spent travelling. The following are some of the benefits that may be gained from the property's location:

  • The bus stops at Pagdya Pada and Shiv Mandir are just a minute or two and a half to three minutes apart, while the Posari bus stop is within 13 minutes of walking distance.
  • One may get to both the Narivali and Nilaje railway station within twenty-one to twenty-three minutes.
  • Cintella Health and the AIMS Diagnosis Centre may be reached in between 6 and 9 minutes by car.

Amenities That I Love

The residential apartments are not only wonderfully built and outfitted with well-thought-out floor plans, but they also boast excellent ventilation and a striking design inspired by elegant aesthetics. My family was very much delighted by it. The apartments are located in a building that is wonderfully built and equipped with well-thought-out floor plans. In addition, it has several convenient facilities, such as a swimming pool, a fitness centre, and a clubhouse for residents to enjoy.

Reputed Builders

The Lodha Group is recognized as one of the nation's first and most successful real estate developers. The company has been in the construction business for more than four decades. It has produced some of the most impressive projects in India. It continues to offer outstanding results in residential complexes, commercial buildings, and many other real estate tasks

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