Olight Arkfeld Flat EDC flashlight review

Arkfeld is compact and sleek with a highest output of 1000 lumens across a beam of length of 101 meters. This torch is best for at home use or on the go. The Arkfeld uses a dual light source design that specs a primary white LED as well as green beam pointer. This makes it best for use during presentations or driving your vehicle. With its central key or toggle switch, the Arkfeld makes it amazingly easy to access the right brightness setting that you want to use. The Arkfeld will also remember the last brightness setting used so you don’t need to hesitate about cycling through every level each time.

Olight Arkfeld Flat EDC flashlight review

Why Arkfeld flashlight is important in hiking?

Flashlight is vital in hiking for many reasons. It is a must-have for night hikers as it illuminates their path thus revealing any impending risk ahead. Don’t get me wrong. A LED torch like Olight Arkfeld is also vital for daytime hikers as you never can tell when bright weather can unexpectedly turn gloomy.

To illuminate your path

Hiking can be amazing and fun for exploring mountains, woods, rocks, etc. in the dark can be terrifying.

Why, because it is difficult to view the trail, and many times it can be hard to tell where you are going.

A Led torch is the best way to illuminate your path and ensure you are going the best direction.

For when the unexpected happens

We live in a globe where we cannot guess the future or what is going to happen next.

What promise do you have that the current bright and hot weather is going to last full day?

What if the weather turns bad and you find yourself in a dark forest, thunderstorm, or any other place where visibility is bad?

A LED lamp or torch will help light your way via darkness while also providing an emergency source of light should something occur on the trail.

For emergency

While initially planning your outside adventure, camping out might have been on your radar or to-do-list. But what happens if you or your partner gets upset while out hiking and cannot walk back the same way that you came.

Temporarily camping out till a medical assistance or rescue team arrives would be the advised course of action.

In this condition, an Olight arkfeld is an absolute necessity.

The best camping flashlight will permit you to see your surroundings so that you can find shelter and also for gathering camping supplies such as setting up camp in the dark or firewood.

Evade dangers and obstacles

While there is not sufficient light, it can be hard to see danger and obstacles in front of us (including wild animals, snakes, and roots on the ground).

But with a LED lamp, these things become more capable to be seen so that we simply can step over obstacles that we otherwise would have tripped over and also reject dangers that otherwise would have caused us harm.


How many lumens do you need for a best flashlight?

The amount of lumens you need for a best flashlight depends on the type of flashlight you are looking for and the expected use. For common, everyday use, a general flashlight with 50 to 100 lumens should be sufficient.

Anyway, for more specific needs, such as hunting or camping, some high-run flashlights may have up to 1000 lumens like the Arkfeld flashlight. It is vital to keep in mind the weight, size, and the battery life of the flashlight for your choice, as those are all factors that should be considered when determining the lumens you need.

Additionally, if you anticipate using your torch in a no light or low light atmosphere, you may need a flashlight with a higher lumen count so that you can clearly view your surroundings. Ultimately, when picking the best flashlight for your needs, it is vital to look at all the factors, including lumens.

Is 1000 lumens enough to light a room?

It depends on the room size, as well as how you want to use the light. 1000 lumens is sufficient to give a reasonably bright office atmosphere, but not quite sufficient to be the best primary source of light in a bigger room.

The more lumens you have, the brighter the room can emerge. 1000 lumens is equivalent to about 85 watts of the incandescent light, so it is not likely to be enough to light a very big room in a meaningful way.

If your aim is just to provide the best effect or accent lighting, then it might be easy to use 1000 lumens. You should also consider the way of the lighting, for example, the floor or table lamps may be more successful at providing a more focused lighting in a bigger room than a single bulb in the middle of the ceiling.

Ultimately, to get a sufficient amount of light in a bigger room, more lumens may be needed.

Is 1000 lumens too bright for home defense?

It truly depends on the home defense condition. 1000 lumens may be too bright for some point of view, but for others it could still be viable. Generally, lumens is just a measure of the amount of light being emitted from the light source, so it does not forever correlate to the effectiveness of the light for home defense.

If a bright, good, focused light is required, then 1000 lumens could be perfect, depending on the type of light, its power source and how it is used. For example, a 1000 lumen headlamp or flashlight with a strobe function feature could be helpful for disorienting an intruder, but the range of light and brightness will depend largely on the operation and design of the light itself.

For more common lighting, such as illuminating a room, a lower light might be excellent. Ultimately, the effectiveness of light for self-defense, and what lumen level works amazingly for a particular condition, will change depending on the individual goals and circumstances.