What is a Beverage Dispenser FloSmart for Cafes?

Coffee and tea are one of the main components of the menu of any catering establishment around the world. Almost every person's morning begins with these fragrant drinks. In addition, tea and coffee are integral drinks of many events, receptions and presentations. Therefore, in order to successfully run a restaurant business, owners of cafes, bars, fast foods and other catering establishments must use a cafe dispenser.

What is a Beverage Dispenser FloSmart for Cafes?

Features of a dispensing technology

Structurally, a FloSmart dispenser is a high quality stainless steel flask with a small and narrow window, as well as a tap for supplying various liquids. At the same time, despite the name of the technique, in addition to the main drinks, fresh jelly or milk can also be prepared by using these devices. The principle of operation of the device is simple: the liquid comes out due to gravity, without the use of gas. 

Dispensers vary in size and purpose:

  • PREMIX are designed for filling ready-to-drink drinks that do not require preparation.
  • POSTMIX are used to produce several types of drinks by mixing concentrates or syrups with water. It's economical, convenient, and gives users a choice.
  • Milk dispensers also fall into a separate category. 

Also, powerful and productive cafe and bar dispensers are distinguished by the fact that prepared drinks can be served immediately after ordering. Several models are additionally equipped with special double walls for the highest possible thermal insulation.

How does café technology work?

A dispensing technology is an apparatus for serving juices, lemonades, water and other drinks to the table, without the use of jugs and carafes. A professional dispenser has several names and, depending on the number of options, the equipment is also called industrial thermo pots. As a rule, such devices are used when the number of guests is more than 20 people. They allow you not to be distracted by filling empty glasses, allowing visitors to pour drinks on their own to their liking.

Special attention deserves coffee dispensers, which are popular in organizing various coffee breaks and in catering. With the help of only one professional device, you can quickly and efficiently prepare any amount of flavored drink. At the same time, the price of a coffee dispenser is much lower than the cost of an industrial coffee machine, and using the cafe dispenser in winter can significantly increase sales by offering customers hot drinks in the required volume.  

Why is it worth choosing a cafe and bar dispenser?

Industrial сafé technology allows you to quickly and efficiently prepare delicious hot drinks, so you can use the equipment not only in catering establishments, but also in various organizations with a large number of employees (hotels, business centers, etc.). The advantages of FloSmart equipment are obvious:

  • Versatility.
  • Compact dimensions with large capacity.
  • The device can be placed anywhere.
  • Intuitive simplicity and ease of use.
  • Possibility to expand the range of drinks.
  • Optimization of time and financial costs.
  • Attractive appearance.

Some devices can also heat liquids inside or, conversely, cool them due to the built-in cooling system. In the absence of such a dispenser can be supplemented with an under-counter refrigeration unit. Professional cafe and bar dispenser guarantees the preparation of various drinks in the required quantity, which will help ensure that customers of any restaurant, bar or canteen have the right amount of drinks throughout the day!