4 Treatments for Substance Use Addiction that Have Proven Successful

Getting treatment for your addiction, whether it is drug or alcohol, is essential in order to eliminate various issues. When people are sad or deal with problems regarding their family, job, or relationship, they seek substance use.

4 Treatments for Substance Use Addiction that Have Proven Successful

The reason is that drug helps people to forget all things and enjoy themselves. But after some time, it becomes a disease, and people are addicted to it, so they can't leave it. They will feel many physical and mental health issues that are not good for them as well as their family. People need to consider Substance Abuse Treatment in Georgia for better outcomes. 


Medically assisted detox enables people to eliminate addictive substances from their bodies in a safe and secure environment. This specific treatment is beneficial for addicted persons as sometimes it is difficult to deal with substance withdrawal.

 The reason is that it may be possible that drug withdrawal may cause life-threatening or unpleasant physical symptoms which are unbearable for a normal individual. ANR Clinic specialises in treating the root of addiction dependence from a scientific and medical perspective. In this situation, detoxification is fruitful as it doesn’t treat addiction’s underlying behavioral causes. In contrast, it is utilized in combination with several therapies. 

12-step Facilitation 

A 12-step program or twelve–step facilitation therapy is used to treat substance and alcohol abuse. In addition, it is a kind of group therapy that involves acknowledgment as addiction has various negative consequences, which can be:

  • Physical 
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Professionals help patients to start this specific therapy with acceptance and then surrender them to a higher power. In simple words, there are groups meetings are organized where people accept their mistakes as well as problems that will help them to get rid of their addiction. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is an effective treatment tool, according to American Addiction Center. The reason is that doctors utilize CBT for numerous kinds of addictions, such as:

  • Food
  • Alcohol
  • Substance use

The best thing about Cognitive behavioral therapy is that with it, you can recognize unhealthy behavioral patterns. In addition, CBT is helpful in identifying triggers and building coping skills. Professionals may combine CBT with other therapeutic techniques too. 

Treatment with Medication

In order to completely get rid of substance use addiction, patients need to take medicine prescribed by doctors. No doubt, you can get relief from your addiction without medicines for a little time. But if you want to remove your addiction completely, you must take medicines.