CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure with New Format and Tips

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CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure with New Format and Tips

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification is one of the most respected and most sought after in the networking industry. The certification verifies a person’s expertise in networking technologies, including service provider, security, wireless, and core routing and switching. Now, every individual wants to pass the exam and they are even keener now to learn the tips and tactics to pass certification exams on their first attempt now that a new format has been launched. 

There is a vast evolution in the field of networking and that is why CCIE Enterprise wants to encourage and keep up with changing technologies and job roles in the networking industry, so, substantial changes have been made to the new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure with New Format and Tips. 

So, let’s know more about the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure with New Format & Tips. 

New Format and Tips to Crack the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification in First Attempt

The written examination and the lab examination are the 2 components of the new format. So, now-a-days, everything is technology based. Everyone knows how to operate a computer and without a computer, nothing is possible now. So, that is why, the written exam is a computer-based examination that determines if a student has a working knowledge of the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure edition’s fundamental technologies.

The lab test focuses on the student’s to exhibit their technical skills and knowledge in a real-world network environment. It is a practical exam which will give the student a practical learning experience. 

As we all know, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure designation is very hard to obtain. But it is feasible to ace the test on your first try with the appropriate strategy and materials. So, everybody wants to crack the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification exam in the first attempt itself, isn’t it? Well, let us tell you some tips and tricks which will help you to crack the exam in first attempt. 

  • Be aware with the structure of the examination

A student should always know the structure of the examination whether it is some other course too. Understanding the exam format is the 1st and the most crucial step in getting prepared for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification. Now, you must be thinking what structure should a student be aware of? So, let us tell you that structure like the examination syllabus, the kinds of questions on the written test, and the kinds of tasks you’ll be doing in the laboratory exam are all part of the structure. 

  • Prepare how you want to study

It is very essential to have a study plan if you want to earn the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification. A study schedule helps you organize your time, prioritize your study material, and allot enough time to cover all the necessary technologies. Also, you don’t get confused between the topics and you are aware what topic you have to prepare next. 

  • Practice solving the previous papers

The key to pass the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification examination is practice. And how will it happen? It will happen by solving the previous papers. And it is crucial to put the certification’s covered technologies to use in a live network environment. 

  • Enroll in a study group

You can enroll yourself in a study group where you can interact with other students and feel motivated as well. You can exchange study advices, share notes, share each other’s experiences and know more about the certification. 

  • Understand the things and not just Memory

The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification examines your comprehension of the technologies included in the certification, not just your memory. Instead of just remembering data and figures, it is important to concentrate on comprehending the technologies and how they operate. 


We hope that you have understood the tips and tricks to prepare for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure Certification Exam. Well, while preparing for this exam, many students forget taking right amount of sleep and stop eating food, so don’t do this, take care of your health and then only you’ll be able to study with a right mindset.