How to Select the Best Thesis Topic

Submitting a thesis is one of the most critical elements of your graduation or post-graduation program. A well-detailed thesis will help you score an A+ and help you be recognized as an expert on the subject.

How to Select the Best Thesis Topic

So, how does one write a good thesis?

Well, you can start by selecting the best topic for your thesis. 

The rest is easy and involves placing your thoughts on paper after researching the topic in-depth and presenting your findings in a way that supports your thesis. 

But finding the best thesis topic is quite challenging and easier said than done. 

If you were to ask any thesis expert or mentor their first thoughts on selecting the best thesis topic, their advice would be to write something different, challenging, and relevant to your field of studies at the same time. 

If you are still searching for ideas on the best thesis topics, here's some solid advice on the same.

Look Up Topics You Would Love tTo Explore More

Don't fall into the trap of academic jargon and peer pressure while selecting a thesis topic. Also, don't spend too much time thinking of a topic that may be the next big thing and could be carried by academic journals. Such things take time and experience, which you will have plenty in your later years.

Instead, try looking up ideas that are simple to cover and give you the freedom to present your perspective on them. Alternatively, look for a problem your thesis can address and open up a meaningful debate. 

Moreover, being passionate about the topic you are covering in your thesis will ensure that you don't find hours of research boring. On the contrary, you may find it enjoyable and a great stress reliever from other academic work. 

The thesis topic needs to be easily doable

Remember, the speed at which you complete your thesis correlates to how comfortable you are about the subject and the research it may require. 

I have seen this many times that people are very gung-ho about their topics and spend many a sleepless night in the initial few weeks researching the topic, only to whither down a few months later. Then, all the passion is gone, and the thesis looks like a never-ending chore.

I suggest looking back at your earlier years and recollecting those subjects you loved exploring whenever you had some spare time. 

Discuss it with your seniors and subject matter experts

Your thesis topic must open up a discussion and enlighten people about its merits. The best way to ensure the same would be to discuss it with your mentors and peers.

They are the best resource in your initial days when your mind throws out hundreds of ideas every minute, leaving you more confused than focused. 

That will help you separate the wheat from the chaff and narrow your subject to the point where everything becomes clearer and easier to put down on paper. 

It’s time to finalize your thesis topic

Once you've shortlisted a few topics and discussed them with others, it's time for you to decide the one you want to take ahead. It's a challenging decision to make under any circumstances, as each topic has merits and demerits. 

Start by listing down all your thesis topic ideas and then run each topic through the questions outlined below. Done diligently and accurately, you should be able to identify the best thesis topic. 

  • Is there enough research material available about this topic? 
  • How long do you think it will take you to research this topic? 
  • How much effort are you willing to put into researching this topic? 
  • Are you willing to travel to another town for more information on your topic?
  • How long have you been familiar with/passionate about this topic?
  • Has this topic been covered previously by other thesis students or subject matter experts?
  • Will you be bringing a new perspective to this topic? 
  • Will your topic open up a debate on its merits and demerits?
  • Do you have a mentor for this topic?
  • Is the topic in line with your academic and professional interests?
  • Is the topic current?
  • Does it offer scope for further research/development?
  • How long do you anticipate it will take you to complete the thesis on this topic? 
  • Identifying the best thesis topic is half the battle won

These guidelines and tips should help you narrow down your thesis topic and get you going. However, having shared all this information, I want to add that there is no perfect formula for selecting a thesis topic. 

Sometimes, you need to go by your gut feeling (and spend hours researching the topic, of course) before you can take a call on your final thesis topic.

Happy thesis writing.