How to Set Low or Full Battery Alert on your MacBook

People of this time love to be called a MacBook user, it is considered a sign of a good technology user if you are working on MacBook, and a person who earns by working on his/her MacBook is mostly involved with the battery charging and other issues related to the battery of MacBook.

How to Set Low or Full Battery Alert on your MacBook

In this article, we will guide you with different ways to your question, about how to set low or full battery Alerts on your MacBook, as unfortunately, MacBook does not have any in-built feature to make an alert of a low or full battery.

How to Set Low or Full Battery Alert on your MacBook

Most of the MacBook users have shared that sometimes their MacBook's battery turns below 10% and they do not think to plug a charger to their MacBook for its charging, and if they have plugged in the charger their MacBook shows no sign to turn the charger off. Here we have found the solution to these problems.

Use of Battery Monitor App

You can use different apps to set low or full battery alerts on your MacBook, the very 1st app to be helpful for this thing is Battery Monitor App, here is how to work with this:

  1. Go to Mac App Store and download the Battery Monitor app from there.
  2. Launch the App, there click on the battery icon on the top right side of the bar, that battery icon will be slightly bigger than the macOS battery icon.
  3. From the coming pop-up, click the hamburger menu.
  4. Next, go to Preferences.
  5. Check the box next to the option Low Battery notification.
  6. To set the level of Low battery, drag the slider.
  7. Next step is to check the box next to the option Full Battery notification. 
  8. To set the full battery level alert, drag the slider to the level as you wish.
  9. Click on Configure Notifications...
  10. Next, from the Notification and Focus setting on the coming screen turn the toggle on to Allow Notifications for the app Battery Monitor App.

That's it, you have done.

Use of Battery Minder App 

Battery Minder App can also be useful for you if you want to set low or full battery alerts on your MacBook, here is how to do:

  1. From the Mac App Store, download the Battery Minder App.
  2. Launch the App, a battery icon with a heart will appear on the top bar.
  3. Click the Battery Minder icon.
  4. To set alarm for the low battery level, Drag the Slider.
  5. Next, click the Gear icon.
  6. Then, tick the box next to Start at login.
  7. Next, go to System Preferences...
  8. Click on Notifications & Focus there.
  9. Select the Battery Minder.
  10. To Allow Notifications for Battery Minder, turn the toggle On.

That's it, now you will get notified about low or full battery of your MacBook with the set alerts.

Use of Battery Hero App 

Battery Hero App works on the 40/80 rule, as it gives you the low battery alarm on 40% and full battery alert on 80%. Here is how you can set alerts on this app:

  1. From your Mac App Store, download the app Battery Hero.
  2. Launch the App, on the status bar of your Mac there will be a battery icon with a flash.
  3. Click the Battery icon, the time left until 40% will be visible there.

That's it, the app Battery Hero will play the alert when your battery is on low (40%) or on full (80%).


Q: How can I set low battery alarm on my MacBook?

Ans: You can set low or full battery alarm on your MacBook from the Battery Hero, Battery Monitor and Battery Minder apps.

So, this was a descriptive guide for you to follow if you want to know the easy and useful methods to set low or full battery alerts on your MacBook.

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