Questions to Ask the Movers

Moving can be one of the most or least stressful events in your life. Finding a reliable company to move your belongings can be an exhausting task. With the endless hours spent researching various companies and sorting through reviews, it can be difficult to ensure your items are best protected. Zipmover is a great resource for those looking for reliable movers. With Zipmover, all movers are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), so users can trust that they are getting quality service. In addition, Zipmover provides all the necessary information to compare movers in one convenient location, making the entire moving process stress-free. One of the key steps in finding the right moving company is to get multiple quotes. In this case, you should ask each company some or all of the questions listed below to make sure that the company you choose offers you all the services you expect and need.

Questions to Ask the Movers

Do you offer door-to-door service?

While this question may seem strange, it is actually one of the most important. Movers should offer a full door-to-door moving service, while international shippers may only offer delivery between two ports.

This is very essential to know when comparing costs between companies. Shippers almost always look cheaper but can cause more hassle as you have to arrange for shipping to and from the ports.

The movers, on the other hand, will take care of all that for you, for a fee, of course.

What kind of insurance do you offer?

If your moving company doesn't offer insurance, run away. All reputable movers have insurance. However, it's significant to understand what insurance covers and what it doesn't.

For example, if you choose a shipping company it may only cover your goods during transit, Therefore, you must jot down this particular question in a paper, and place it before your international moving company or local shipper that can help you understand their insurance process and coverage benefits in a clearer manner.

Or the policy may cover damage to your goods, but not theft and/or loss.

Finally, always be sure to check the amount of coverage, if the maximum amount of coverage is $10,000 USD and you move $100,000 USD if you have household goods, you may be in for a nasty surprise if something goes wrong.

Is packing included in the price?

When moving, you may be tempted to save money by doing all the packing yourself.

Is packing included in the price?

However, you are usually advised not to do this. The reason is not just because mover companies are trying to get more money out of you (although it certainly doesn't hurt). The fact is that most governments require that a manifest or declaration of household goods and belongings be included with your possessions. This is to help combat the movement of illegal or illegal goods.

Moving companies can provide you with a declaration of household goods to expedite your belongings through customs, but they must pack your belongings for you to do so. Otherwise, they can be held liable for illegal shipping.

So it's important to know if packing is included in the quoted price, as it can significantly increase the cost.

How will my goods be shipped?

It is essential that you have a clear idea of how your goods will be transported. For a cross-border move, it could be a simple truck. However, for more complicated cross-border moves, it could be truck—port—ship—port—train and truck again.

How long will it take to move?

Different companies have different fleet capacities and capabilities. Some can deliver exactly on the schedule you want, while others will give you a number of options to choose from.

While the custom option seems like a win-win, keep in mind that it can be much more expensive. Companies that offer pre-determined delivery days usually do so because they group shipments together, which greatly reduces costs.

The type of transportation also determines the price you will pay. Shipping within the same continent is typically done by truck or train, while overseas shipping is almost always used. You can transport cargo by air, but the costs will be prohibitive.

Shipments by land can be transported as fast as trucks/trains can go, while shipping by sea can take weeks when it comes to ship to the other side of the world.

Do you take on all the moving work, or will several companies be involved?

Very many moving companies can work in all directions. However, most international movers cooperate with other companies to do moves that they cannot do on their own. For example, relatively few mover companies work with container movers that are needed to move overseas. Therefore, they will have to partner with a shipping company for the marine portion of the moving process.

There is nothing inherently wrong with involving multiple companies, and in fact, it may be unavoidable if you are moving somewhere out of town. However, any reputable moving company should explain which companies will be responsible for each step of the trip.

Be sure to read reviews of all companies and understand what insurance coverage each company offers at each stage. Moves within Europe or North America can usually be handled by a single company, while moves between continents usually require multiple companies.

What kind of packing materials do you use?

Obviously, you want to make sure that your household items get to the other end of the move in one piece. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to find out what types of packing materials the company will use for your move.

Increasingly, companies are offering reusable packing materials, which are much more environmentally friendly (not to mention less expensive) than single-use materials.

What kind of packing materials do you use?

Therefore, it's not unreasonable to find out if your moving company can reuse the materials used in your move. What's more, many companies will even take them away from you for free, saving you the time and hassle of disposing of unwanted boxes and bubble wrap.

Can I track my items in real-time?

Until a few years ago, you often had little to no information about where your items were in the move at any given time. However, thanks to the Internet and GPS, it is now increasingly possible to track the movement of your goods in real or near real-time using the Internet or an app on your phone.

This will give you peace of mind that your belongings have not fallen off the back of the truck or into the sea.

Can I talk to previous clients?

Finally, if you want to be especially sure of any international moving company, ask them if you can talk to any of their previously satisfied clients.

Hopefully, they can give you some suggestions of people to talk to. Of course, you'll want to read reviews online to be sure, but this allows you to ask specific questions of people who have been through a move similar to the one you're about to make.


The main thing is to give your preference to conscientious performers, with an impeccable reputation and only positive feedback from grateful customers. Therefore, be sure to read preliminary reviews on the Internet or ask customers who have already used similar services.