The Advantages of Purchasing High-quality Sanctuary Church Chairs

More churches are moving away from pews and towards the chairs for their sanctuary. However, are there advantages to purchasing modern church chairs? With different designs available in the market, it’s only suitable to find out. 

The Advantages of Purchasing High-quality Sanctuary Church Chairs

The following article will explain why you should choose high-quality sanctuary  chairs, the benefits, and how to make the best choice. 

The impact of high-quality materials on the durability and longevity of church chairs

High-quality chairs can save you from unnecessary repairs and replacements after a short time. They are durable and last several years, precisely what you need for sanctuary seating.

The quality of the seats depends on the materials they are made from. Most quality chairs have a wood or metal frame. Wood has a traditional and warm feeling, while metal is modern and sleek. These chairs have solid construction.  If made from metal, 16-gauge or 18-gauge metal frames are used (the higher the gauge, the weaker the steel.) 

Go for injection molded seat foundations. If possible, avoid artificial composite and oriented strand boards. A quality fabric would stand the heavy use of the congregation. Cheaper models tend to wear out faster. Always ensure to get value for your money.

Overview of church chair certifications and their importance

Only purchase chairs that are certified by 3rd party laboratories to get peace of mind. Some church chair certifications to look out for:

  • MAS green certification: It is the test emission laboratory that allows organizations to enter the green market with low- VOC emitting products.  Chairs that are MAS green certified are sustainable.
  • Call 117 certification: The certification regulates flammability components in upholstered furniture.
  • ANSI BIFMA certification: Measures a manufacturer's different levels of performance and achievement during the various stages of their sustainability journey. 

Cost and value comparison of sanctuary church chairs

Cost and value comparison of sanctuary church chairs

A high-quality chair costs between $50 - $100. Comparison is necessary if you want to end up with the best.  Although chairs might look the same when shopping online, note each price differs. Look at different vendors and find one that fits your budget.  Check church chairs wholesale prices to check if you are fit. 

To know how many chairs you want, consider how many weekly congregants the church receives—also, consider other people attending during special events. Any reputable manufacturer will allow you to test their chairs. 

Sample the chairs from 3 or more vendors.  Check on the different parts of the furniture to enhance its durability. The fabric, frame, and foam must be high quality. Plastic frames are affordable but don’t last that long. They break and wear out with time. 

Good and affordable church chairs can last up to 15 years or more. Ensure you get value for your money. 

Why should churches buy high-quality sanctuary church chairs?

Some advantage church chairs include the following;

  • Offer comfort

Church members are likely to sit in chairs for more than an hour. Catering for their backs and comfort should be a priority. Chairs with lumbar support and cushioned or padded seats are the best. Always check on cushion material and fillings. Cushions containing foam offer comfort and extra support.  

  •  Come in different designs and sizes

No one chair fits the whole congregation. A church has different audiences, including children and adults, with various forms, shapes, and sizes. Look at all these factors before making a decision. A chair might be comfortable for shorter people and uncomfortable for taller individuals. With a variety to choose from, it's easier to find one that caters to most people's needs. 

  • Come with a warranty

High-quality chairs are quite an investment. A warranty is a must in case of damages before the stipulated time. A chair with at least 10 years warranty is worth purchasing. The warranty can differ for different parts of the chairs depending on where you buy them. 

Fabric and cushion material can have a warranty of 10 years, with a lifetime warranty on the frames. Most manufacturers ensure the fabric undergoes multiple rubbing tests to ensure it withstands the test of time. 

  • Easily portable

Most traditional wooden chairs can be stacked in piles of up to 8 or more. However, high-density stacking chairs can be stacked into a pile of 60. They allow room and are easy to carry around. 

Final touch

Choosing chairs for your sanctuary should be done with ease. Do your part and look into different vendors. Take your time when sampling. Quality of fabric, frame, foam, and armrest play a vital role when deciding. Additionally, look for an affordable quality seat that offers comfort and is durable. Check if they have the necessary certifications.

Remember, warranty and testing are essential when you buy chairs for church. They ensure you end up with a quality item that will take years before replacing them.