Traveling to Cyprus: everything you need to know

Cyprus is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea that welcomes approximately 4 million visitors each year. The island has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and is therefore easy to visit from Europe. Cyprus is small but has a diverse landscape ranging from turquoise beaches to impressive mountain ranges. This makes Cyprus the perfect destination for all sorts of travelers. Whether you are looking to spend a week on the beach, to climb some mountains, or to go hiking in the forests, Cyprus has something to offer for all its visitors. If you’re planning on visiting Cyprus soon, this article will certainly be interesting for you. 

General information

Cyprus is situated in the southeast of Europe and is close to both West-Asia and Northern-Africa. Because of its great location, it attracts tourists from all over the world. The island is split in two parts: the right half of the island is part of Turkey and the left is part of Greece. There are two exceptions, namely Akrotiri and Dhekelia. Cyprus was once a British colony and these two cities still remain UK territory.

More than 80% of the people of Cyprus identify as Greek and only 0,2% identify as Turkish. Cyprus has some of the happiest people in the world, since the costs for living are very low and the island enjoys a Mediterranean climate. More information about this can be found on various websites reporting on the island, e.g.

The best months to visit Cyprus are July and August. These summer months are the hottest and driest of the year and the temperature will surely rise to 30 degrees Celsius and above. Winters in Cyprus are mild, but very rainy and unpredictable. Around the coasts, the average annual temperature is around 24 degrees. 

Cyprus activities

Cyprus might be a small island, but it is filled with activities, ranging from nightlife to sport activities. Since Cyprus enjoys a Mediterranean climate around the coast, but also has high mountains, you can do basically anything, from hiking, to swimming, snowboarding, and skiing. In fact, in winter Cyprus turns into a paradise for winter sports fanatics. 

Traveling to Cyprus: everything you need to know


Cyprus has several big cities that are known for their vibrant nightlife scene. Ayia Napa is the main place to be if you came to the island to see some crazy clubs. This beach place has everything to offer when it comes to clubbing: from luxurious beach clubs to lavish bars. If you came to relax and have a drink while enjoying the beautiful sea view, Paphos offers some stylish hangouts with parties that last all night long. The city offers a more chilled vibe compared to Ayia Napa. 

Go to the beach

The many beaches of Cyprus are the biggest reason that most people come to the island. Cyprus has more than 600 kilometers of coastline with 160 registered beaches. Just like the beaches in the Caribbean, most beaches in Cyprus  have turquoise waters and powdery sand. The most popular beaches are perfect for snorkeling and there are many diving centers around the island where you can get your diving license. Some popular beach destinations are Paphos (Coral Bay) and Ayia Napa (Nissi Beach).