Trending Wedding Sarees for This Season

Sarees are the epitome of beauty and elegance in India. No wonder they are such a popular option for brides during their weddings. Whether the beautiful Kanjeevaram silk sarees of Tamil Nadu or the beautiful Banarasi silk sarees from Uttar Pradesh, wedding sarees have made a place in everyone’s hearts. Traditional Indian jewelry like Kundan chokers or gold necklaces tends to go elegantly well with traditional Indian sarees. Beautiful forms of embroideries like zardosi, zari, gold thread work, etc., are some ways you can take your bridal saree to the next level. Thus, sarees are one of the best options you can opt for when choosing bridal clothing.

Trendy Celebrity Wedding Sarees

Trending Wedding Sarees for This Season

Several Indian celebrities have opted to wear beautiful sarees on their wedding day. Yami Gautam chose to wear a 33-year-old saree, which belonged to her mother, on her wedding day. The saree was elegant, vibrant red, with intricate gold work all over it. She paired it with traditional jewelry, gold jhumkis, a gold necklace, and a gold maang tikka. She looked like the epitome of ephemeral beauty on her wedding day.

Vidya Balan also chose to wear a simple and beautiful red Sabyasachi saree on her wedding day. The elegant gold and red saree were paired with temple jewelry from Amrapali. Alia Bhatt also chose an ivory Sabyasachi saree for her beautiful wedding. It was a hand-dyed ivory organza saree embroidered with fine tilla work and an embroidered hand-woven tissue veil.

How Different States Pick Wedding Sarees

The cultural diversity and the multiple traditions in India have led to the creation of various sarees in different parts of the country. Consequently, other traditional wedding sarees are preferred in other parts of India. For instance, Kanjeeveram silk sarees are preferred in Tamil Nadu. These beautiful and elegant sarees are known for their characteristic charm and sheen. The motifs on this saree mainly consist of floral patterns, religious symbolism, and other patterns. 

In Maharashtra, brides usually prefer the traditional Nauvari saree for their bridal look. The saree’s name originates from the length of the saree, which is nine yards long. The Nauvari saree is draped in the traditional way, known as the ‘kashta,’ where the saree's border is tucked in the back. This creates an authentic and unique look, making anyone stand out. A traditional shawl, known as the ‘shela,’ is draped across the bride’s arms to create a signature Maharashtrian bride look.

How Different States Pick Wedding Sarees

Banarasi sarees, originating from the spiritual city of Banaras, are also a popular option for brides in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. These wonderful sarees are embellished using zari, zardosi, mirror work, and gold thread work, resulting in beautiful and charming ones. 

Colors to Wear On Your Wedding Day

Weddings are a deeply spiritual and religious affair in India. So, the color of your wedding saree is also very important for Indian traditions. Yellow and red are considered bright colors. Yellow symbolizes purity, and red symbolizes fertility and prosperity. Hence, you will notice red and yellow everywhere at every wedding, from clothes to decorations. The red color is also considered to be the color of Goddess Lakshmi.

Other popular color options these days include cream colors and pastel pinks. Hence, every part and every community of India chooses their wedding saree, depending on their religious significance.

The Bottom Line

So, although lehengas seem to be growing in popularity as wedding apparel these days, the Indian saree is the ultimate look. So, you can be inspired by the various celebrities who wore elegant sarees to their special day.