What Is a Police Challenge Coin?

Police challenge coins to tell stories. A tale about the department, organization, recipient, maker, and giver.

What Is a Police Challenge Coin?

Challenge coins are cherished in many police departments and utilized at award ceremonies, celebrations, and other informal prizes due to their strong relationship with the military, their comparable profession, and the number of veterans who serve as police officers. 

The FBI, Secret Service, and Homeland Security use challenge coins often.

Some parts of the police force, like detectives, bomb disposal, SWAT teams, and major crime units, can have their own coins. 

Our top-notch quality means you can give them to law enforcement officers with pride for long service, promotions, achievements, and other things they have done well. 

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Why Challenge Coins for Police?

What Is a Police Challenge Coin?

Just like in the military, law enforcement challenge coins are used to bring people together and show appreciation for good work.

The thing about challenge coins is that they aren't given out in a special way. A handshake is a way that people show they know each other.

Challenge coins can tell a story that brings the group together. Most of the time, officers carry the coins with them or put them up somewhere important. If you ask them what the coins are, they say, "I got this one when..."

Coins are used to bring people together in units for events or projects. These coins let the people in the unit know that they are a part of the group and that they are special.

To have a challenge coin, you don't have to be a police officer. Police challenge coins can be used for things like fundraisers that help the community. Does your town have a 5k run for police or something similar?

A challenge coin would be a great way to thank people who took part in an event and help people remember the police force.

What are the Benefits of Police Challenge Coins?

What Is a Police Challenge Coin?

It's a great way to show how important law enforcement officers are to the community and to honor them. 

The giving of coins and medals is a formal way to show appreciation for hard work and dedication that goes above and beyond what is expected.

One of the first groups outside of the military to understand the value of police challenge coins and medals was the police. Our designers know how to make modern designs that show how highly our law enforcement officers are thought of. 

Our craftspeople use traditional methods to mint and make high-quality enameled coins that people will be proud to wear and carry.

Police Challenge Coins as Gifts

Police Challenge Coins as Gifts

Police challenge coins are a great, long-lasting, and memorable gift for a police officer in your life. Armor Coin and Emblem has a collection of challenge coins that you can give as a gift to our men and women in blue.

The most popular of the set is the St. Michael Challenge Coin, which has a picture of the saint who protects police officers on it. The Thin Blue Line Coin is also in the collection. It was made in response to some of the bad things said about police officers in the media.

The lion on the coin is the law enforcement symbol of courage, honor, strength, and honesty. The coin was made to show respect and honor to those who make sacrifices to make this country a better place for everyone.

The meaning and tradition behind police challenge coins make them a beautiful way to show your support for the people who protect us and our freedoms.

Police K9 Challenge Coins Honor the Best Partnership

Police K9 Challenge Coins Honor the Best Partnership

Soldiers and police officers both use man's best friend in important ways, and the people who get to work closely with police dogs say it's the best partnership they've ever had. 

Unlike riding with a human partner, an officer's K9 partner never complains about what they ate for lunch, is always loyal, and listens carefully when the officer complains about how hard their job is.

Given how important they are, every officer's furry friend should have their own police coin. But since a police dog probably won't understand what the coin is for, it's better to make coins for the K9 unit officers on your team to recognize their hard work. 

With treats and belly rubs, the puppies will be happier.

Online Custom Challenge Coin

Online Custom Challenge Coin

When you order from us, the process is easy and quick. From artwork and proof approval to production and delivery, we keep you in the loop at every step.

You can make them in any size, shape, or color, even gold, silver, copper, black nickel, and brass. One side or both can be colored, and the edge can be beveled, rope-cut, or cross-cut. 

The designs can include an exact copy of your police badges as well as any special words or dates. To get the exact color of your unit's colors, there is no charge for color matching.

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