3 Often Forgotten Forms of Marketing

The digital marketing machine churns out seemingly superior methods of attaining brand recognition at a rapid rate. Naturally, this would seem to render what came before completely obsolete – digital or otherwise. However, that might not be the case. If you're a small business, you might find yourself immediately drawn to the newer methods and only those, but such a method might have you missing out on some gems that could elevate your company.

3 Often Forgotten Forms of Marketing

It's not just about knowing what they are, though. It's about how you use these methods. A varied approach might therefore take a lot of relevant knowledge and marketing skill, but the time investment could be something that pays off massively.

SMS and Email

Texts and emails are often seen as old-fashioned compared to many of the more modern forms of communication – as allowed by social media. However, this doesn't rule them out as viable marketing targets. In fact, knowing how to use SMS to increase customer lifetime value is a skill that can help you to look at these older platforms through an entirely new lens. Regarding email marketing personalization, a subscriber mailing list can help you keep people in the loop, especially by adding newsletters that can inform them of everything happening within your business.

Social Media

Saying social media marketing is forgotten might sound ridiculous – of course, it isn't, when almost every business out there ensures that they're active on a variety of platforms. However, as mentioned before, it's not just about being present on social media; that might not be enough to make the most of what's actually on offer here. Interfacing with their systems in order to connect and engage your various audiences might take some clever usage – but it could change how you see these low-cost marketing platforms. 

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is elusive, and it may not be easy to control. However, that doesn't mean that there's no way for you to influence it. While striving to maintain as quality products or services as possible might be an obvious way to go about this, it's also about combining that with quality customer service – they're the ones who will be spreading the good word, after all.

Collaboration with influencers might also be a way that you can have a trustworthy source delivering a positive report of what you can provide, though this might be more of a byproduct of collaboration-focused marketing

Billboard Advertising

To some businesses, aiming for a billboard might feel a little outside of your budget – but it's just an example of how physical marketing might still have a place. However, instead of solely relying on your billboard ad, combining it and keeping it cohesive with your digital marketing content can allow it to really flourish. If the name of the game is brand recognition, drawing the attention of as many people as possible in busy areas can go a long way to helping you reach that goal. Ensure your marketing and brand are consistent, as this will help boost your brand recognition and make sure that messaging doesn't become confused.