7 Pillars to Increased Productivity and Success

Here are the Seven pillars to help you increase your Productivity and Success.

7 Pillars to Increased Productivity and Success

The first pillar that we're going to start with is Vision. Having a vision for your personal life that connects with you emotionally in order for you to carry it over to your business is very important. A lot of the times when you want to commit to do really great things in the world, you need to be able to have a vision for the life that you want to intentionally create personally so that you have enough emotional juice to carry that over to the professional side.

The second pillar is Planning. We all have heard the saying that a dream without a plan is just a wish. We need absolutely have a plan to craft around the vision that we have already created. A plan where you are intentionally identifying the goals that you need move forward and divide up your year into three month increments or quarterly. When you do that, you are able to identify what are the most important goals that you are working towards on the short term and also what are the action steps that you need to take in this short term timeframe, so that you can achieve the results that you are after but also leave enough room to recalibrate as needed. So the second pillar is all about coming up with your planning process that will become the stepping blocks towards your expanding vision. 

The third pillar is Process Control. Once you identify the goals that you are shooting for and the action steps that you want to take, then you want to stay aware and reflect back on the process control piece. You want to know how is it that this process is going. What are some of the very small increments of improvement that you can make in the actions that you are taking, so that you can get one step closer to the results that you would love to achieve. 

The fourth pillar is going to be Measurment.  We need to measure the efforts of our labor. Without knowing how we are actually doing, we don't know exactly where to put our focus in order to improve the ongoing process. So we need to measure our results and need to be able to face that reality, which is nerve wracking for a lot of people that have to face the numbers due to its ability to trigger negative feelings. However that's a really great way to know exactly where you are, where are your gaps are and what is that plan that you need to implement in order to move forward. 

The fifth pillar is Time Use. Time use is where you intentionally set the timing for the action steps that you take as very intentional tasks on your calendar. That is so that you know exactly what are the things that you are doing and how is it that you are going to be accomplishing them. That removes a lot of the anxiety or maybe even the procrastination factor on the days where you don't feel like you want to do the action steps on your calendar. It teaches you the discipline you need so that you are using your time effectively and intentionally. Most importantly, it gives you the certainty that you are moving the right priorities forward, which is another very important part. 

The other pillar, pillar number six is Accountability.Accountability has gotten a bad rap over the years being something negative because we have to hold ourselves accountable to something or other people have to hold us accountable to an action or result. However, accountability is just a mechanism for instilling self discipline in us. You can hold yourself accountable. It's really about the choices you make and the things that you get to work on in order to pursue the measurement part which ensures that you are on track with what you want to accomplish. So accountability is just a form of self discipline, from the way that I look at it. 

The seventh and last pillar isCommitment. Commitment wraps up everything that we have said so far. Being committed or resolved is important in order to see through the results and be able to trust the process. The difference between being committed and resolved is about staying persistent no matter what. Believing in what you are working towards and connecting that emotionally with your vision on step at a time while working tirelessly, consistently and with the right discipline every day is what turns your visions into reality. When difficulties arise or challenges arise in your journey as they will, you will never give up and you will keep going in order to make the progress that you are looking for. 

So there you have it. Those are the seven pillars to increasing your productivity and success in your life and business. 

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