Best Cancer Treatment Abroad

Cancer treatment is too difficult a task to be left to mediocre doctors. This is a deadly disease, the treatment of which requires the services of the best oncologists, modern techniques, the latest medicines, and state-of-the-art equipment. All this is available in oncology clinics abroad. You can make an appointment for the best cancer treatment abroad through the Booking Health service. On our website, you can see the top cancer hospitals, find out prices, and get treatment at a favorable cost.

Best Cancer Treatment Abroad

Methods of cancer treatment abroad

Many cancer treatment methods are used abroad, including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy. In addition, doctors abroad use many innovative methods that are effective for certain types of cancer. These are the following:

  • CAR T-cell therapy is used for lymphomas and leukemias and helps even at an advanced stage. Doctors take immune cells from the patient's blood, modify their genomes, and inject them back into the body. As a result, the cells attack the tumor.
  • TIL therapy is a melanoma immunotherapy option that works for even the most aggressive tumors. Doctors take immune cells from the tumor, check which ones are more aggressive against the tumor, multiply these cells, and inject them into the patient's body.
  • Bone marrow transplants work well for leukemias, lymphomas, multiple myelomas, testicular cancer, some ovarian tumors, central nervous system tumors, etc. Doctors perform both autologous and allogeneic (donor) bone marrow transplants.
  • Limb chemoperfusion can be used if the tumor is located on the leg or arm. Doctors isolate the blood circulation of the organ and inject high doses of chemotherapeutic agents into the arterial bed. These destroy the tumor but do not enter the body.
  • Chemoembolization and radioembolization involve blocking the blood vessels supplying the tumor with microspheres containing chemotherapeutic agents or radioactive substances.
  • Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy is another treatment option. After removing the tumor and metastases, doctors rinse the abdominal cavity with a heated solution of anti-cancer drugs. This therapy works well for colon, ovarian, stomach, and pancreatic cancers.
  • Tumor ablation can be microwave, laser, radiofrequency, etc. Doctors insert a thin tube into the tumor and destroy it with heat. It is a good alternative to surgery for patients who are contraindicated for surgical treatment.
  • High-intensity focused ultrasound can destroy the tumor without any incisions at all. Doctors can use this method to cure prostate cancer or eliminate liver metastases.
  • Proton therapy is the irradiation of a tumor with protons instead of photons, which almost do not damage normal tissues. It is often used for tumors of the eyes, central nervous system, head, and neck, and is used in pediatric oncology.

Organization of treatment abroad

You can go to Germany to benefit from the latest advances in oncology. You are welcome to use the Booking Health website to choose a German oncology center. Our company's specialists will help you make the best choice and arrange your trip.

The hospital should be chosen based on your diagnosis, stage of cancer, and preferred treatment option. Different hospitals have different areas of clinical focus and have excelled at treating different types of cancer. Medical tourism specialists at the Booking Health company know which diseases are best treated in which hospitals. You will be referred to the exact medical center where you are most likely to get rid of cancer using the most effective and, at the same time, safe methods.