How to Better Organize Your Home This Year

Cluttered surfaces, messy spaces, and unwanted items can all take a toll on the appearance of your home. At the same time, they can also affect your well-being and instill unnecessary stress in your mind.

How to Better Organize Your Home This Year

To help you say goodbye to your messy home, here’s how to better organize your place this year. 

Practice a Sustainable Lifestyle

Putting material possessions over sustainability is one of the biggest contributors to clutter. When you buy things needlessly, they fill up your home over time. This can make your space feel cluttered and cause stress daily. Before you know it, your home is overrun with things you don’t need or use. With this in mind, try to practice a sustainable lifestyle. From buying eco-friendly bamboo diapers to upscaling your clothes, you can take positive actions that are beneficial for the planet. 

Let Go of Things You Don’t Need

Before you organize your home, ensure you’re spending your efforts on things you need. One essential step to organizing is looking through your belongings and letting go of anything you don’t need anymore and is taking up space. Similar to the benefits of selling your old phone, this practice not only brings in some money, but helps you upgrade your home items, and let go of outdated items. 

Invest in Storage Solutions

To clear your surfaces of items that look like a mess, you need space to store them. This is where storage solutions come into the picture. Whether you get a custom reach-in closet or install a walk-in closet, you can dedicate space to put away your belongings. When shopping for these solutions, ensure that you customize the compartments according to your requirements. This helps you store larger items that don’t fit in regular-sized compartments.

Categorize Items Before Putting Them Away

Categorize Items Before Putting Them Away

When you categorize your items, it becomes easier to find when you need them. In some cases, it can also provide you with design symmetry. For instance, if you organize clothes by season, you can sort through them right before the time comes to use them. Similarly, when you sort your items by color, you can achieve aesthetic excellence. You need to learn how to organize your closet, shelves, and other storage solutions. 

Use Labels for Opaque Boxes

If you’re using storage boxes such as wooden chests and wicker baskets, it can be difficult for you to determine what’s in them after some time has passed. This can cause you to open every box until you find what you’re looking for. To steer clear of this problem, you can invest in a label maker to print your custom labels for your items. But if you don’t want to spend the money, you can also use post-it notes. 

Don’t Let Clutter Take Over Again

After you have achieved your goal and made your home look spotless, your motivation to keep your home clean can dissipate into thin air. This can lead you to perform the whole process all over again. After you’ve executed different ways to give your home a fresh new look, make it a point to put items where they belong after you use them. This keeps your home organized and helps you reap the rewards of your effort in the long run.  

Make Regular Cleaning a Habit

Besides putting items in the right place after you’re done using them, ensure you’re cleaning your home regularly. This enforces the habit of putting anything away that kids or other household members have left in their wake during the day. At first, this can be a difficult responsibility to take up. But by using a reminder app and thinking of a clean and refreshing space, you can perform this task regularly without stretching yourself thin. 

These practices allow you to say goodbye to clutter and embrace a cleaner way of living. Besides letting your home shine, this also contributes to a peaceful and happy mindset.