Housing in Spain: How to Buy Property by the Sea

Have you considered housing in Spain and want to know where to start? Below we will give a clear action plan. Spain is a vibrant modern country with great opportunities and good ecology. Young people and family people love to relax here. Retirees especially like the climate and developed medical care. Successful people flock here from all over the world. The elite likes to rest here. So this is a profitable niche for investment.

Housing in Spain: How to Buy Property by the Sea

If you are thinking about the area you want to live in, consider flats costs in Spain with sea view. Here you will find beautiful sandy beaches, many interesting places for tourism, and excellent ecology for recreation.

Make the Right Choice

When considering housing in Spain, you can be guided by a small plan:

  • Expectations. What do you want: a villa with a mountain view, a house with a terrace or an apartment with windows overlooking the sea.
  • Agency. Write down the realtor's number for easy communication.
  • Address. Mark the location on Google Maps.
  • View date.
  • Evaluation on a 10-point scale.
  • Summing up and visiting the "leaders" again.

Remember to ask yourself the question: why do you need this property? For investment, you want to buy housing for rent or for your family to move to Spain for permanent residence. Write six criteria by which you will evaluate the apartment.

You also need to remember that the apartments will not be 100% up to your expectations. However, this should encourage you because you can always make repairs.

Decide on the area of the house

The location of an apartment or house depends on how profitable it is to be sold in the future. Or how much it will be in demand among vacationers. When buying a home for yourself, you should think about a quieter and more peaceful area with playgrounds, clinics, convenient transportation, and more.

What you need to know before buying

To get started, check out the current real estate prices. Prices increase annually by 3-10%, depending on the location. In 2021 and 2022, the cost per square meter increased by 3.5 and 3%. The dynamics of the cost of square meters are as follows: Spanish real estate in large cities is getting a little cheaper, and on the resort islands, it is getting more expensive. Offers from developers and real estate agencies for foreign residents in the post-pandemic period are quite attractive.

By the way, under the Golden Visa program, an investor receives a Spanish residence permit: first for 2 years, then for 5 years.

Choosing a city for real estate investment

Foreigners choose coastal cities for housing, and the leader here is Barcelona. On average, the cost per square meter exceeds 3,000 euros—popular real estate on the Costa del Sol, Costa Dorada, Costa Brava, and Costa Blanca.

Real estate payback: terms

Commercial real estate in Spain is highly liquid, as offers are very limited.

Possible income:

- prices for residential real estate, apartments, and houses, are growing by 3-4% per year;

- an additional 2% can be earned on the bank if you attract a loan for the purchase, often used overseas citizens.

Consultation with specialists

Since objects are attractive for investment, you need to constantly monitor the situation with the help of specialized websites or take advantage of the opportunities of specialists.

Depending on the task, choose the type of housing. Apartments are often rented out. For a long time, they have used a townhouse and a cottage, with a comfortable area for guests and parking.

Spain is a state of law, and the investor's rights are protected by law here. If you use the services of experienced lawyers and realtors, any risk can be avoided one hundred percent. Start choosing an apartment and compare prices across cities in Spain today. Use Spain-Real.Estate.