How to Add and Delete Multiple Links to Instagram Bio

Instagram is as the newest and most modern form of social media technology, people love to be on Instagram and use this platform to promote their businesses. In Instagram's bio link you may add multiple links for best selling and buying experiences.

How to Add and Delete Multiple Links to Instagram Bio

In this article we will provide you with a guide about how to add and delete multiple links to your Instagram bio and get facilitated with them on time of need.

How to Add and Delete Multiple Links to Instagram Bio

Here we have discussed the simple and easiest ways to add and delete multiple links to your Instagram bio, just follow the given methods.

Add Multiple Links to your Instagram Bio

Here the official way is described to add multiple links (up to 5) to your Instagram bio, you may also add an external and your FB profile link, follow the given steps:

  1. On your phone (iOS, Android), open the Instagram app.
  2. From the no navigation bar, go to your Profile tab.
  3. From there, under your Instagram bio, click the Edit Profile Button.
  4. Next, under the Profile Settings, click the Links option.
  5. From there, click on the Add External Link.
  6. On the next page, paste that URL, with the title that you want to put in and show to others on your profile.
  7. To Save the changes, click on the Done button.
  8. Just like this, you may select Add Facebook Link, then click Add Link, and you may share your Facebook Profile link.
By this official method, you can now easily add up to 5 external links in your Instagram bio and say goodbye to bio link generators.

Highlight the Primary Link

To highlight any primary link you may do this from Instagram's Recorder bio link option, here is how to do:

  1. On your Instagram account, go to the Link Settings as it is described above. 
  2. From the top right corner, click the three dots icon.
  3. From the pop-up menu, click the Recorder links button.
  4. Now, drag the link, to recorder them.

That's it, you have done.

Delete any Link from your Instagram Bio

Follow the given steps to delete any link from your Instagram bio:

  1. Go to Link Settings from your Instagram profile, as the method mentioned above.
  2. There, Tap the Link that you want to delete.
  3. From the pop-up menu, click the Remove from Bio button.

That's it, you have done.

Here's more about Instagram bio to help you reach a wider audience with your Insta account and be a wonderful influencer.

10 Things That You Can Consider Adding to Your Instagram Bio

This my custom list of 10 things an instagram user should add in his/her bio and make sure it is professionally edited to have some impact on your followers:

  1. Intro: Start by introducing yourself in a concise manner. For example, "Blogger, writer, traveler, and food enthusiast or whatever your current work is, just tell in one or two words."
  2. Branding: If you have a personal brand, you can mention it in your bio. This could be your blog name or your company name (if you own a brand or even small business).
  3. Career: If you have a specific profession or job title, you can include it in your bio. This can help people understand your expertise and interests.
  4. Location: Mentioning your location can help people connect with you if you live in the same area or if they are interested in visiting the place. You can share your city or a famous place's name that is near to your house.
  5. Contact Information: It's important to make it easy for people to contact you. Include an email address or a link to your website if you have one (email is a good option).
  6. Personal Interests: Sharing your personal interests can help people get to know you better. For example, you can mention your favorite hobbies, sports, or books.
  7. Hashtags: Including hashtags related to your niche or interests can help people discover your profile and connect with you faster than ever.
  8. Call-to-Action (CTA): Encourage people to engage with your content by adding a CTA. For example, "Follow me for daily inspiration" or "Tag me in your photos for a chance to be featured" or something else.
  9. Achievements: If you have any notable achievements, you can mention them in your Instagram bio. This can include awards, publications, or collaborations.
  10. Personality: Lastly, don't be afraid to show off your personality in your bio. Use emojis, humor, or unique phrasing to make your bio stand out and make it more interesting to read for your followers and first time profile visitors.

If you are still not understanding it, you should read the list again.


Q: Can I add 2 link to my Instagram Story?

Ans: No, you can not add 2 or more links to any of your Instagram story, Instagram allows you to add only one link to your Instagram story.

So, this was a simple and easy guide for the businessmen, influencers, brands and content creators to add and delete multiple links to their Instagram bio.

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