How to Pay Bills on Amazon Pay using Alexa

Amazon Alexa has given a full automation to our lives with its wonderful technology, with Alexa you can also do the official things like paying bills of electricity, mobile, water, gas and anything else along with listening to music and commanding other things to play with Alexa.

How to Pay Bills on Amazon Pay using Alexa

In this article we will discuss about how to pay bills on Amazon Pay using your Alexa device and make your life completely comfortable and save your time.

How to Pay Bills on Amazon Pay using Alexa 

To pay bills on Amazon Pay using Alexa what you have to do is simply to fill up your details manually before starting to pay. To pay the bills for public services like electricity and gas bills, you will have to fill the details as your name, state name, electricity board, and give your account number so that Alexa will be able to use your account in future to pay your bills.

From Amazon App

With Amazon Shopping App now you are able to pay your bills with Alexa Amazon along with shopping by voice commands. Here is how to pay bills using this App with Alexa:

  1. On your device open the Amazon Shopping App.
  2. From the bottom right corner, tap the Alexa icon.
  3. Now, grant Microphone permissions.
  4. Give any instruction like "Alexa pay my electricity bills" or "Alexa, recharge my phone" or any other command that you want to add.
  5. If you are already using Alexa to pay bills, it will provide the details of your due bills. And you are going to start using Alexa for the first time to pay bills, then Alexa will send you a link to register your bill details on the Amazon shopping app, to access your bills.
  6. It will show your details, from there tap on Continue button.
  7. To complete the transaction use your Amazon pay balance, Credit or Debit card, UPI, or Net banking. It will complete the process in a few seconds and your payment will be done.

That's it, you have done.

By Alexa Echo Device

You may also use Alexa Echo devices like Amazon Echo Smart speaker, Fire TV Stick or any other Alexa built in device, to pay your bills on Amazon pay. Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Give instruction to your Alexa device as, "Alexa recharge my phone" or "Alexa pay my electricity bills".
  2. Then, Alexa will confirm your number from the last four digits of the number.
  3. If you want to recharge your already registered number then press the option "Yes". And if you want to charge any other number then press "No" and Alexa will demand to register the new number you want to recharge.
  4. When you have done the number confirmation, now Alexa will ask you whether you want to repeat the same recharge you had last time.
  5. To repeat the same amount, press on "Yes" and to change the recharge amount click on "No". 

Now Alexa will do the other things automatically.


Q: Can I pay my bills with just a voice command?

Ans: Yes, now Amazon has made it possible to pay bills with just a voice command with Alexa Amazon, follow the above method to pay your bills with Alexa on Amazon pay.

So, this was an easy and simple guide for you to pay your bills sitting on your sofa by just one voice command and Alexa by Amazon will automatically pay your bills on Amazon Pay within no time and will make your life comfortable. 

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