The Power of Instagram Video Marketing: Tips for Success

The extra spice that comes with a video is what makes it unique and engaging. Videos can attract attention with images, music, sound, and other elements, creating a more memorable experience than static images or text alone. So, it’s no surprise that video is taking over the digital marketing space.

The Power of Instagram Video Marketing: Tips for Success

While video marketing can be done on several social media sites, one key platform is Instagram. Although most business owners have tapped into the glory of Instagram video marketing, some haven’t for one reason or another. This may be because of a lack of understanding of how to harness the platform for marketing, because of the specific Instagram video ad specs, or another reason altogether.

Here, we’ll provide tips for achieving successful Instagram video marketing for businesses and marketing teams. 

7 Tips for a Successful Instagram Video Marketing

Suppose you’ve been thinking of taking your brand marketing to the Instagram space; here are some helpful strategies for success:

Have a Clear Idea of Your Audience

As a business owner, knowing your target audience is vital for many things, including video marketing. Your video ad might be top-notch, but the purpose is defeated when directed to the wrong audience. Before delving into Instagram video marketing, you should determine who you intend to direct your video or advertisement. 

An excellent way to identify your audience is to identify people who have the pain points that your problem solves. Who needs your product or service?

You can also create buyer personas, as this would give you an insight into your audience. You can also assess your existing followers and that of your direct competitors. This helps you create a well-rounded picture of your target customers. 

Set Relevant Goals

Every marketing campaign should have a goal. It can range from brand awareness, conversions, and increasing website traffic to generating leads and sales.

Why is understanding your goal ahead of time important? Your brand’s purpose will influence how you go about your Instagram video marketing. It will determine the type of content you create and share. 

For instance, if your goal is to grow awareness for your business, your content has no business being sales-forward. Rather, you should focus more on educational and informative content. 

Additionally, having set goals gives you something to keep track of. It would help you evaluate the effectiveness of your strategies in achieving such a goal.

Adopt a User Generated Content (UGC) Strategy

Reviews are a goldmine for buyers. Your customers are more likely to buy a product if someone else attests to the quality of that product. While it’s easy for brands to create product review content, adopting the UGC strategy is beneficial for consumers to see other people enjoying the product.

UGC is content that’s created by a satisfied customer for the brand. For example, a real customer might record a video to showcase using the brand’s products or services. This helps to grow the brand’s integrity and awareness as followers of the UGC creator learn about your brand. Additionally, while some satisfied customers create UGC for free, some brands pay some influencers to do this. These influencers are referred to as UGC creators.

Leverage Instagram Shopping

Some buyers lose interest when told to head to the brand’s website to purchase a product, but Instagram helps you streamline this process. As a brand owner, you can include a shopping tag in your posts using the Instagram shopping feature. This way, once viewers watch a video ad and are interested in getting that product, they only need to click on that tag. Then, they can complete their purchase within the app. 

This allows customers to buy your products immediately, rather than heading to your website to make purchases, promoting conversions and sales. This feature can also be used for live events, where you can organize an Instagram live video so consumers can make live online purchases.

Create Valuable Video Content

Another tip for successful Instagram video marketing is creating valuable content. Make it a habit to include educational, informative, or entertaining posts. 

Instead of always trying to sell your brand, tell your audience why your brand is a better choice and what they stand to gain. Additionally, creating educational and entertaining content gives your audience a reason to look forward to your post and increases engagement. 

Be Consistent

Consistency is a significant factor in any marketing strategy, and video marketing is no different. You have to create videos for your Instagram consistently in order to appear to your audience regularly, building exposure and trust. 

However, it might be challenging to create and edit video content daily, leaving you frustrated, tired, and out of ideas. But a way to counter this is to create content ahead of time. When you have several marketing videos, you can easily schedule when to post them, ensuring you stick to a schedule. 

Additionally, you can outsource your video or content creation to a creative agency that is familiar with the platform, video production, and common goals of video marketing. 

Include Closed Captions

You will also want to add captions to your videos. While most users play IG videos with the sound on, some do not. No matter the reason, you need to include captions to make your video more accessible. This increases comprehension and improves watch time.

Adding a caption also helps to improve the video’s spot in the algorithm. Since captions contain specific keywords, they can help the video appear on search engine result pages. 


With the rise in its daily users, including the platform in your marketing strategy is a great way to achieve your brand’s goals. With the right tools for success on Instagram, you can create an impactful presence on the platform.