Can Anyone Buy an AED Machine and Where to Buy One?

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a cardiovascular disease in which the heart fails to beat normally and rhythmically due to impaired electrical function of the heart. SCA has become one of the leading causes of death worldwide.[1]

Can Anyone Buy an AED Machine and Where to Buy One?

Timely defibrillation with an AED has proven to be the most effective way to rescue a patient from SCA. AED is the medical abbreviation for Automated External Defibrillator. An automatic defibrillator is an emergency life-saving device used to treat out-of-hospital SCA by delivering an electric shock to the patient’s heart to restore normal heart rhythm.

Unlike hospital defibrillators, AEDs do not require a medical professional to use them because they automatically analyze the patient’s heart rhythm and determine whether an electric shock is needed. The reducer can follow the AED’s instructions (including voice prompts and animation coaching) and execute the resuscitation. Meanwhile, an AED can be divided into fully automatic AED and semi-automatic AED. A fully automatic AED only requires the responder to apply AED pads to the patient, and the rest steps are done automatically. A semi-automatic AED, on the other hand, automatically analyzes the heart rhythm but requires the responder to press the shock button on it to deliver an electric shock.

Can Anyone Buy an AED Machine and Where to Buy One?

The Importance of Owning an AED

SCA occurs without warning and can happen to anyone at any time. A person may have a sudden cardiac arrest at home, at work, or in public. However, if you have configured an AED in your home or workplace, you are well prepared for such an emergency.

Moreover, the survival rate for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is very low, usually less than 10%.[2] If CPR alone is performed, the survival chance of SCA is less than 5%.[2] However, when CPR is combined with the use of an AED in the first few minutes, the chance of survival increases significantly to more than 75%.[2] Therefore, it is never too late to purchase an AED and be prepared for SCA rescue. In particular, families prone to cardiovascular disease should pay more attention.

Can Anyone Buy an AED Machine?

Since AED devices play such a critical role in SCA rescue, you might ask if everyone can purchase an AED device.

One would think that AED devices, which are advanced life support, are only available for purchase by professional medical rescuers and organizations. In fact, every individual has the right to purchase and use an AED device. But you are required to register with the local government for effective follow-up management after the purchase of an AED device.

What to Look For in an AED and Where to Buy an AED Machine?

As soon as you realize that buying an AED makes so much sense, you should immediately put it into action. But what should you look for in an AED device, and where to buy one? 

  • Your budget: AEDs are not an affordable investment for anyone. The high cost has become the biggest gap in access to AED equipment for many companies and organizations. Therefore, when shopping for AED equipment, you should choose the most cost-effective AED brand within your budget. At the same time, you should consider not only its initial cost but also the shelf life of AED accessories and after-sales service as well.  
  • AED quality: Because AED is important life-saving equipment, in the purchase of it, you should pay attention to its quality. For example, is it waterproof? Does it have a shockproof function? Is it resistant and durable? Does it have a long shelf life? These are the key questions to figure out when you are going to buy AEDs.
  • Purchase restrictions and maintenance requirements of AED: Before buying an AED machine, you should be familiar with the local regulations on AEDs and clear AED inspection and maintenance requirements. For different regions, you may also need a doctor's prescription to be eligible to purchase. 
  • AED accessories: AED accessories are disposable, so their quality plays a key role in the overall performance of the AED device. You should always look for a reliable AED supplier and ensure that all aspects of the AED replacement pads and batteries are in good condition. In addition, take an eye on the AED device you acquire whether it has a pediatric mode or pediatric AED pads, as there are different requirements for AED use on infants (children) and adults. Mindray is one such excellent AED supplier, offering AED devices with pediatric AED pads and both adult and pediatric modes. 
  • Where to buy AED: There are various ways to buy AED equipment. You can choose to find some reliable AED suppliers online by searching for “AED manufacturer”, “AED supplier”, or “AED provider”, and visit their official websites to get in touch with them. It is also a good choice to look for agent dealers of these excellent AED suppliers in your area. Some of the best AED brands, such as Mindray, Philips, ZOLL, etc., have a good reputation.

Excellent AEDs from Mindray You Cannot Miss

Excellent AEDs from Mindray You Cannot Miss

With various AED brands on the market, you may be overwhelmed when choosing the right AED. But one AED brand has been receiving more and more attention because of its superior product quality and innovative defibrillation technology. As one of the world's leading AED suppliers, Mindray spends 10% of its annual revenue on research and development to ensure the quality and reliability of its products.

Mindray AED is a cost-effective option for you because Mindray has broken through the technology barrier and extended the shelf life of its AED accessories to an industry-leading 5 years. By reducing the frequency of subsequent accessory replacements of accessories, you can effectively reduce your subsequent maintenance costs. In addition, the interactive voice and visual image guidance based on ResQNavi technology make it easier for users to master the use of AED. Most importantly, Mindray AEDs have passed the CE certification and 1.5m drop test and achieved an IP55 waterproof rating. They can withstand multiple collisions and drops and are effective in a variety of harsh outdoor environments.

If you are planning to purchase AED devices or planning an AED program, Mindray is capable of providing you with a comprehensive AED solution to help you successfully implement an AED program.


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