How your organization can master SOC 2 on behalf of your customers

It's important to note that SOC 2 compliance demonstrates your service organization's commitment to protecting customer data.

How your organization can master SOC 2 on behalf of your customers

SOC, which stands for Systems and Organizational Controls, is a system of requirements for service companies developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). It is this system that determines the cost of SOC 2 certification, which you can find here, and other criteria for conducting it. The system demonstrates that your practices and controls ensure the security of your client's data. SOC compliance is influential for the service industry because it measures how well an organization handles and regulates information internally.

Quick explanations of SOC to remind you

  • Many organizations rely on security operations centers (SOCs) as valuable resources for detecting security incidents. 
  • A security operations center is a command post for a group of information technology (IT) professionals who specialize in monitoring, analyzing, and protecting an organization from cyberattacks. 
  • The SOC team comprises engineers, analysts, and managers overseeing security operations. 
  • An organization's security operations center screens and analyzes different exercises over systems, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, websites, and other frameworks to search for an unusual action that may show a security breach or compromise.
  • They work together to ensure that various potential security incidents are correctly identified.

Types of SOC compliance

There are different types of SOC compliance that your organization can achieve when looking at cost of SOC 2 certification, and each type of SOC has subtypes. The most robust proof of compliance is called SOC II-Type II and ensures that an independent audit has been conducted by certified professionals who have determined that systems and procedures are in compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • A SOC 1 audit assesses an organization's impact on the financial statements of its customers, while a SOC 2 audit verifies that the firm is protecting its customers' data. Hence, SOC 2 compliance is fundamental for organizations that utilize cloud administrations or SaaS suppliers.
  • SOC 2 Type I look at a preview, where an evaluator comes in and surveys your onsite benefit organization at a particular point in time. Whereas SOC 2 Type II looks at the same controls, forms, and strategies as Type I, it has a perception window over a period of time—typically 12 months, but in some cases shorter.
  • A SOC 2 Type II review comes about in a nitty-gritty report with numerous pages, which can effectively surpass hundreds of pages of private data. This nitty-gritty review report ordinarily covers but isn't restricted to, the taking after perspectives of the compliance standard: security, responsibility, privacy, handling keenness, and security.

The key business reason is that if you are storing data and customer information in the cloud, you need to plan and execute in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Proper handling of sensitive data is critical to the trust of customers and other organizations. Because SOC audits are a complex process, they are conducted annually to ensure that your documents, infrastructure, and platforms are configured, accounted for, and functioning properly.

Benefits of SOC certification for UnderDefense customers

UnderDefense is proud to have achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance and allows you to find out the cost of SOC 2 certification faster. We are committed to actualizing fitting security measures to ensure our customers' information.

Having a SOC 2 Type II certificate gives our clients with the taking after benefits:

  1. This gives them peace of intellect. Our SOC certification makes a difference in our client's feeling sure, knowing that we act morally and take after security rules to keep their information secure. The SOC 2 report is the essential record that illustrates that an organization has executed suitable security measures. This documentation gives us data that is ready to share with our clients to appear them that we have forms and strategies in put to handle their information safely.
  2. It shows them that we have maintained secure technology for a long time. SOC 2 The Type II audit process requires that performance be measured and tested for a minimum of six months. This demonstrates to our customers that maintaining product security is our top priority.
  3. This provides them with improved service. Our certification gives us the tools to be well-prepared to optimize processes as we better understand the data security risks our customers face. This allows us to provide better services.
  4. It shows them that we are committed to overall IT security. Because customers know we are committed to the long-term protection of their data, they choose to work with us over competitors who pay less attention to data security.
  5. UnderDefense offers secure technology solutions to simplify and optimize workflows if you're ready to digitize your company's field service operations. Our platform and mobile app are designed specifically to address the field service challenges that are specific to your business. 

With SOC 2 UnderDefense, you can do

  • improve your cybersecurity
  • reduce operational risks
  • achieve and maintain compliance
  • SOC 2 UnderDefense provides:
  • recording and processing of security-related events
  • a fast and effective response to cyberattacks
  • limiting and minimizing losses in the event of a cyber attack
  • collection and preservation of evidence
  • increasing resilience and reducing cybersecurity risks
  • recording and preserving events, ensuring an audit trail
  • informing the Client about important events and suggestions for action,
  • achieving and maintaining compliance (Infosec, GDPR, ISO, internal regulations)
  • quick response and resolution of events

At UnderDefense, we have transferred our experience from the existing Network Operations Center (NOC) and Service Operations Center (SOC) operations services to the Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC).

Implementing a center is a complex and time-consuming process that can be challenging without proper staffing and financial support. At UnderDefense, we find the right cybersecurity solutions for each company and apply a project-based approach to implementation.

Cybersecurity for large enterprises

Effective tools that successfully cope with cyber threats through centralized management, 24-hour active monitoring, and immediate action in the event of a security incident are the key to reliable corporate cybersecurity.

To successfully protect enterprises from cyber threats, it is necessary to

  • combine threat protection capabilities: monitoring, control, prevention, detection, and coordination of response across the entire IT environment
  • provide 360-degree protection against attacks: prevent and detect the main attack vectors aimed at user accounts, processes, file activity, and network traffic
  • provide extreme granularity, providing an accurate view of the context of each security event, including analyzing all activity in the environment;
  • have a ready-made set of automated tools to quickly implement an integrated process for responding to and resolving security incidents without the need for manual intervention;
  • provide tools for rapid deployment and immediate operation of investments;
  • provide round-the-clock security services from the SOC with the constant availability of the best experts.

SOC 2 successfully secures many workstations and servers in all business segments (financial institutions, industrial companies, architecture, construction, commercial activities, etc.).