Gifting Cash to Loved Ones Overseas

While any thoughtful gift is sure to be appreciated by those you love, when you’re sending something to friends and family overseas you need to be practical. Transferring cash is often the simplest way to show you care without creating undo complications for the recipient.

Gifting Cash to Loved Ones Overseas

Here’s why transferring money is the perfect gift choice for everyone you know who lives abroad.

You Don’t Need To Know Sizes and Preferences

When it comes to picking out presents for people, whether they live nearby or on another continent, you’ve got to know a few things about them in order to make the right choices. Yet having a conversation about what size clothing or shoes someone wears has the potential to be very awkward, and guessing raises its own embarrassing hazards.

Even thinking you know what sort of books, games, or movies might interest a loved one doesn’t mean the gift you pick out for that person is going to be a hit. It’s all too easy to buy something they already own, and what you remembered as being so engrossing to him or her a few years back may now be passé. Gifting with money by making a simple online transfer takes away all these issues.

Gift Cards Don’t Always Work Abroad

You may reason that sending gift cards for birthdays, weddings, and other special occasions solves the age-old problems noted above. The recipient gets to pick out a present he or she genuinely enjoys with no guesswork on your part.

Unfortunately, even when the same stores and brands are available, most gift cards won’t work in another country or currency. If they do, the exchange rate may be so unfavorable as to render your generous bestowment almost worthless. No matter how thoughtful, sending someone overseas a gift card is likely to go over like a lead balloon. Transferring cash offers more flexibility, and is far simpler, than sending a card.

There Are No Checks To Cash

With tangible presents and gift cards such poor options for recipients living abroad, it’s easy to see that gifting money is the best choice. Unfortunately, getting funds overseas isn’t as easy as dropping a check in the mail. International carriers vary in their reliability, meaning your post gets lost and is never delivered. Yet, even when safely received, a bank draft is troublesome to deal with on the other end.

Although the receiver will surely treasure your kindness, he or she won’t have an easy time depositing or cashing your check. Drafts from foreign accounts in differing currencies go through a lot of red tape in other countries, and some institutions may refuse to handle them at all. Better to move cash quickly and safely using an online transfer service. That way it arrives quickly, and your loved one cherishes your consideration without having to go through any hassle.

When it’s time to send gifts to friends and family overseas, it’s clear that transferring money is the best option. It’s simpler on both ends and sure to be enjoyed!