How Do I Select the Right Air Filter for My Home?

One of the most overlooked practices for maintaining an HVAC system is failing to replace its air filter. Most people even forget the existence of the system, especially in the months when it is not needed. You might notice a musty smell coming out as you turn on the system. Inspecting your air conditioning system regularly is best to ensure everything is in order, including air filters.

How Do I Select the Right Air Filter for My Home?

If the air filters in your system need to be changed, here is a guide on how to choose the right air filter. Also, if you have never used an air filter before and know nothing about them, this article is perfect for you.     

Establish the Right Air Filter Sizing

The easiest and best way to guarantee that your air filter is sized correctly is by checking the numbers printed on the existing filter. But, some filter models might not display the measurements. On the other hand, you might have a new home and have no experience dealing with such systems. However, this should not worry you either. You only need to measure the grill or existing filter to determine the depth, width and height. 

Normally, the measurements will be aligned in a constant Sequence-Height, width and depth. The depth indicates the filter's thickness and the width is the side-to-side measurement. The height, usually the largest, indicates the vertical movement up and down. You can utilize a tape measure in each case to find the dimensions. What if I get a fractional measurement? In such a case, you should round it off to the nearest whole number. 

Correct sizing for air filters is crucial following the function of your air filter. While most people think the filter's only function is to keep their space dust-free, there is more. Air filters also keep contaminants away from your AC’s interior equipment. For instance, dust coils in the AC can interfere with the heat exchange process that helps cool the air indoors. Thus, air filters are essential in guaranteeing optimal system functioning. 

MERV Ratings and Indoors Air Quality

Typically, there are different quality levels for air filters available in the market. MERV rating shows the minimum efficiency reporting value. The higher the rating, the higher the efficiency to filter out particles. While the MERV rating ranges from 1-20, values over 13 are not designed for home HVAC systems. This is because they include high filtration rates, which could restrict airflow, thus jeopardizing your indoor equipment. 

Washable Air Filters

Disposable air filters should be checked monthly during the cooling and heating seasons. The good news is that you can also purchase washable filters that guarantee longevity. This sustainable choice requires replacement annually. But you can conduct a monthly inspection to ensure the air filter is functional and clean. 

Where can I Buy the Best Air Filters?

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