Top 4 Benefits of Fungicide For Grass And Soil

The fungus can spread very easily and quickly on your lawn, and leave some unsightly damage. If you are seeing unattractive signs of fungus on your lawn, adding fungicide for lawn care treatments is one of the best things you can do.

Top 4 Benefits of Fungicide For Grass And Soil

Fungicides prevent new outbreaks and will help to treat an active problem. If you want a golf course-style lawn, fungicides should be on your shopping list if you don’t already have them. It’s a key step in crafting the perfect lawn.

1. Broadspectrum Treatments

There is an incredibly high volume of fungi in the world and a multitude of species. Not all fungicide for lawn is a detriment, infected people regularly enjoy many species of mushroom for example. For your lawn, however, the fungus can be a detriment that steals nutrients from the soil and crowds out grass. Most fungicides that you can purchase over the counter are broad spectrum and are meant to treat a wide variety of both good and harmful fungi. 

2. Clear Up Patches

Yellow or brownish patches in your lawn can be caused by a fungus infection in your grass. The regular use of a broad-spectrum fungicide can help to prevent the infection from spreading and also help to protect unaffected areas. Once you manage to contain the spread of the fungus, you can work to treat those damaged patches or replace small pieces of sod if it is too far gone. You can stop the spread, but fungicides won’t fix dead grass. Consider adding fungicides for lawn care products today. 

3. Easy To Apply

Fungicides often come in a liquid form and can be applied directly to your lawn using some form of pressurized sprayer. A simple one-gallon pump sprayer is perfect for smaller yards. If you have a larger yard, and you do your own maintenance regularly, you may want to invest in a slightly more expensive backpack sprayer. Just be sure to dilute the fungicide as per the included instructions and not to over-spray your lawn. Once applied, it immediately begins to protect the foliage of your grass and the soil will slowly absorb the fungicide as well. 

4. Treating the Unseen

Fungicide is equally important for your soil as it is your grass. Treating your soil ensures that you are protected below as well as above. An infestation of fungus will be unnoticeable to the naked eye when it first begins. Fungus spores won’t stand a chance against your yard because the fungicide will make it uninhabitable to them. The best way to take care of fungus is in advance. 

Boost Your Lawn

See a rise in greenness and vitality as you work to craft the perfect lawn. Keeping fungus at bay is a preventative way to keep your yard from being patchy and spotted. You can’t repair the grass itself after a fungus infection so it’s best to nip it in the bud, but continued treatments on a regular schedule afterward will help to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. Adding a fungicide for lawn care on a regular basis will keep your lawn looking great all season long.