Everything You Need To Know About The TN Visa Program

When it comes to foreigners seeking long-term entry into the United States, various options are available. If you want to enter the U.S. from Canada or Mexico, the TN visa might be exactly what you need. 

Everything You Need To Know About The TN Visa Program

This visa program stands out by offering a wide range of benefits both to visa holders and to U.S. employers. If you don't know much about TN visas, this guide will help you greatly.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Understanding The TN Visa Program

Imagine a key that unlocks the door to temporary professional engagements in the United States without the hassle of pursuing permanent residency or citizenship. That is precisely what the Trade National (TN) visa program is about. This program grants qualified citizens of Mexico and Canada temporary entry into the United States for professional business activities.

A wide range of professionals can take advantage of the TN visa program. From animal caretakers and veterinarians to accountants, these talented individuals (often referred to as NAFTA professionals) can pursue their career aspirations across the border. It is worth noting that the TN visa program was established as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement and is exclusively available to individuals in specific qualifying professions.

Regulations Surrounding The TN Visa

As a non-immigrant visa, a TN visa allows successful applicants in the specified professions to stay in the U.S. for up to three years, which can be extended. However, certain conditions must be met, including:

  • The applicant's profession must be allowed in the program's provisions.
  • The position the applicant will fill in the United States must be a NAFTA professional.
  • The applicant must have secured employment with a U.S. employer, as self-employment is prohibited.
  • The applicant must possess the necessary qualifications to practice their profession.

The United States recognizes the importance of family unity; therefore, it allows TN visa program holders' immediate family members (spouses and unmarried minor children) to accompany them to the country. Canadian citizens in this category do not require a specific visa, as they only need to meet the admission requirements set by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the port of entry. 

TN Visa Program Application Process

Applying for a TN visa program varies depending on whether the applicant is from Canada or Mexico. Canadian citizens, who can typically travel to the United States without a visa, have the convenience of applying for the TN visa directly at designated ports of entry. To establish their eligibility, they need to provide proof of Canadian citizenship and a letter from their prospective employer. The letter outlines the nature of their employment, intended length of stay, and qualifications for the job. Besides, they must submit their credentials for evaluation and pay the applicable fee. 

The process involves a few additional steps for Mexican citizens since they require a visa to enter the United States. These steps include:

  • Completing the online Form DS-160.
  • Uploading a photograph that meets the specified requirements.
  • Printing the confirmation page of the completed DS-160 application.
  • Scheduling an interview at a consulate or embassy.
  • Paying the nonrefundable visa application fee.

Know About The TN Visa Program

The TN visa presents an excellent opportunity for professionals from Mexico and Canada to work in the United States temporarily. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements and procedures to ensure a smooth application process. Whether you are a skilled professional seeking work opportunities or a U.S. employer looking to hire talent from our neighboring countries, a TN visa offers valuable benefits.