How to Keep your Smartphone and its Screen Clean

Technology teaches you to be informative and aware of everything you search on it. And as it is complusory to be cleaned up for your body and environment, just like that we advise you to keep your smartphones and their screens cleaned up.

How to Keep your Smartphone and its Screen Clean

In this article, we are going to discuss how to keep your smartphone and its screen clean by cleaning it properly, disinfecting it and sanitizing your phone, to keep yourself safe from viruses and germs.

How to Keep your Smartphone and its Screen Clean 

As it is very important to keep your gadgets clean, so when you start cleaning up them make sure to unplug the charger of your phone or remove the wireless charger, and then turn your device off. After doing this follow the different methods described here.

Clean your Phone with Microfiber Cloth

Cleaning your phone with any ordinary cloth can damage the phone screen. Therefore, it is best option to use Microfiber cloth to clean your phone, this cloth is given you with screen protectors, sunglasses etc, and it is also available in markets. Follow the given guide:

  1. Place your phone in front of you and place the microfiber cloth on the phone screen.
  2. Now, gently move the cloth repeatedly in horizontal or vertical direction.
  3. If there is any tough stain, wet a corner of the microfiber cloth with clean water, don't add anything else in the water, water should be clear.
  4. And then move the cloth on the screen gently in horizontal or vertical direction.
  5. When the dust is gone, take the dry corner of the microfiber cloth or any other piece of microfiber cloth and clean up the left moisture from the screen.

Cleaning Wipes

Everything is now automated. To clean up your phone screen you may go with the product Cleaning Wipes. These cleaning wipes for phones are easily available in the market manufactured by different brands. 

You have to add nothing to these cleaning wipes, they are pre-moistened, you just have to unpack it and use it. They are easy to carry while travelling with you.

Disinfecting the Phone

To keep yourself away from germs and viruses it is better to disinfect your phone screen. You can follow the given guide to disinfect your smartphone:

Use Disinfecting Wipes and Solutions

  • Disinfecting wipes are different from just cleaning wipes, if you want to disinfect and sanitize your phone then it is better to go with the products of disinfecting wipes and solutions, they are easily available in markets and are not costly. These pre-made disinfecting wipes and solutions contains the diluted amount of isopropyl alcohol that is safe to be used on phone screen for disinfecting and sanitizing, and it will not do any harm to your phone screen.

Make your own Disinfectant

If you want to save money and don't want to spend on buying any disinfecting product for your phone, then you may follow this guide to prepare your own disinfectant for your phone, you will need distilled water, white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol to do so:

  1. Take 50% distilled water and 50% white vinegar in a spray bottle to prepare your own disinfectant.
  2. Or, you may have one-to-one ratio of distilled water and 70% of isopropyl alcohol.
  3. Shake the bottle well to mix up the ingredients.
  4. Now, spray on a corner of the microfiber cloth.
  5. Now, move the sprayed microfiber cloth gently in horizontal or vertical direction.
  6. When you have done it, take the dry corner of the cloth and clean up the screen with it finally.

That's it, you have done it.


Q: What should be used to clean the phone screen?

Ans: If you just want to clean up the phone screen then microfiber cloth with clear water is enough or you may go with readymade cleaning wipes. And if you want to sanitize or disinfect your phone screen then it is better to buy any disinfecting product from the market or you may prepare your own disinfectant at home by following the above guide that explains only three ingredients in it. Anything other than these three ingredients can damage your phone screen, so don't take any risk.

Q: Which brands manufacture cleaning products for phones?

Ans: Whoosh is the best disinfectant and sanitizer for different devices and surfaces, iCloth and Well-Kept are best brands of phone cleaning wipes.

So, this was an interesting and informative guide for the ones who are careful for cleanliness of their phones and want to know about how to keep their smartphone and its screen clean.

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