The Best Satellite TV Providers in 2024

Satellite and cable TV continue to be excellent choices for watching your favorite shows and movies from the comfort of your own home, despite the meteoric rise in popularity of streaming TV services over the past decade.

The Best Satellite TV Providers in 2024

Satellite television continues to be a popular alternative for those living in remote places who may not have ready access to other media. There’s also no surprise why people get confused when looking for the best Satellite TV packages.

Using a satellite dish mounted on the roof or a pole, you can receive national and local TV channels, as well as specialty satellite content, directly in your home. This dish is designed to receive signals from geostationary satellites.

When it comes to satellite television, DISH and DIRECTV continue to be two of the best options available.

Which is the Best Satellite TV Provider?

The right satellite TV provider could offer advantages over cable TV, such as cheaper DVR fees and more channels. When cable isn't an option, customers in remote locations can still get their TV fixed by setting up a satellite dish.

In the United States, DISH Network and DIRECTV are your two most important choices for satellite TV service. They are both industry veterans who have spent years perfecting their satellite TV offerings and serving consumers from New York to California. 

DISH and DIRECTV are very similar in their offerings. However, the packages and extras provided by each satellite TV service are unique.

In this article, we will examine these service providers in greater detail.


Even though DISH Network is the entire name of the corporation, most people just call it DISH. In addition to being one of the largest satellite providers in the country, the corporation also has a sizable wireless network that serves the entirety of the United States.

DISH's own DVR system, cordless TV, and Google Voice integration show that the company is keeping up with the times and the way people watch television.

DISH Anywhere was developed so that DISH subscribers may watch TV shows and movies online from any of their connected devices.

What Does DISH Offer?

If you're fortunate enough to speak a second language, you may put that knowledge to use by viewing a few shows in Finnish each month on DISH, which has the best international content.

DISH doesn't provide every major sports channel, but the NFL Network and other sports networks are included in every premium package. The NFL SUNDAY TICKET package is no longer available on DISH or DIRECTV, although the company does provide a wide variety of other sports channels, such as NFL Network, NFL Red Zone, beIN SPORTS, and local sports networks.

In addition, DISH has a greater selection of international sports than DIRECTV. Overall, I think most people will be satisfied with their DISH service. DISH has everything from Hallmark Channel to NBA League Pass, so no one will be left out.

Best DISH TV Package

For the greatest DISH satellite TV experience, we recommend upgrading to America's Top 200, which adds even more sports channels to the already impressive lineup of 190 channels included in America's Top 120.

Don't get America's Top 120 if your family doesn't enjoy regional and specialty sports. Consider the Top 200 instead.


DIRECTV is most known for its exclusive packages.

DIRECTV has always been at the forefront of ground-breaking innovation, bringing us firsts like in-flight TV, HD local channels on satellite TV, and 4K ultra-high-definition programming.

Recently, DIRECTV has also expanded into streaming services with DIRECTV Stream, a product that competes directly with DISH's DISH Anywhere.

What Does DIRECTV Offer?

While DISH Network also contains 290+ channels, DIRECTV's selection of over 340 channels is far superior. Many of the same local and live TV channels are available to clients across the country on both packages. Both options give you access to major networks like CNN and ABC as well as niche channels like the Disney Channel and Comedy Central.

Premium subscription channels are available from both providers, allowing you to watch all the movies and sports you want. These networks include Epix, MLB Extra Innings, and Showtime.

Best DIRECTV Package

The greatest DIRECTV package, in our opinion, is CHOICE. There are more than 200 channels to choose from, covering a wide variety of genres and interests. You also receive a special offer for their premium channels.


In the end, it's up to you to choose a satellite TV provider that offers programming that specifically caters to your preferences.

Satellite television offers many advantages over online video streaming services. No more waiting for the buffering icon, and no need to waste your data plan on pointless videos.

If you have a large viewing audience in your house, DISH is a must. DISH provides a vast selection of premium movies, TV shows, news, and more with a two-year price lock.

All you true sports enthusiasts, we know what you're looking for. If you want to watch sports, DIRECTV is the way to go.