When Should You Use the Services of a Manhattan Endodontist

You are the kind of person who works hard and constantly tries to take care of your health. But we live in hectic times, and many of us can't take good care of our teeth. Irregular meals rich in artificial sweeteners and the inability to brush frequently bring millions of patients into American dental offices each year, and for these people, the cavities that bother them can only be repaired with specialized endodontic procedures and treatments. 

When Should You Use the Services of a Manhattan Endodontist

Are you a New York City resident, and lately, you've been experiencing severe tooth pain? In this case, a good idea might be to call on the services of a Manhattan endodontist. Dentists in NYC are some of the finest professionals in North America, and their knowledge and experience are unparalleled in other American states. However, for many people, the expertise of endodontists remains unknown, so in the following article, we will detail some of the procedures they can perform, list some of the reasons why it is essential to keep your dental health at its best, and outline the signs that should prompt you to seek the professional services of an experienced dentist.

Relieve Persistent Pain 

Have you been suffering from severe dental pain for some time, and your dentist has recommended that you try the services of a specialist? Then a Manhattan endodontist may be the solution to your problems. The most common cause of dental pain is tooth decay which has progressed to the point where it affects nerve endings. And if the extent of the damage is too severe, then a root canal may be a solution. 

What is a root canal? It is a standard procedure, undergone by more than 40,000 Americans every day, that involves drilling a small hole through the tooth’s enamel layer, thus accessing the dental pulp. Then, using specialized instruments and under the effects of local anesthesia, your Manhattan endodontist will clean the damaged pulp and remove the nerve endings affected by the cavity in a procedure called root-end resection.

The inside of your tooth will be cleaned, sanitized, and then filled with resin or glass ionomer cement to prevent debris from building up deep inside your tissue. Your tooth enamel will then be sealed with a dental sealant, and the pain should disappear. Root canal treatment is not a simple procedure, so it is performed mainly by endodontists. However, in recent years it has become routine for American endodontic dental offices, and it is not uncommon for such surgeries to be performed for exploratory purposes. If the imagistic investigations of your tooth have failed to reveal anything unusual, then a tiny fracture or calcification of the root canal might be suspected. And the solution to these problems might involve drilling deep into the dental pulp.

Will It Hurt? 

Will It Hurt? Dentist?

Pain during dental procedures was, unfortunately, a reality of a bygone era, but nowadays, surgeries performed in dental offices are generally painless and without medium and long-term complications. Admittedly, some local discomfort will always be present, which will be more apparent after the procedure is completed. But for most patients, an over-the-counter pain relief medication is enough to stop the discomfort, and the pain and tenderness should not last more than three days. Why should you keep your dental health at its highest? Because no one wants to end up in the chair of an endodontist, no matter how gently they work or how many strides have been made in 21st-century dental therapy.

Dental treatments have progressed enormously, and procedures that were complicated in the past have become routine. However, no one wants to end up risking the loss of a tooth or being on the verge of a dangerous infection that needs prompt intervention by a specialist. Root canals are safe operations with a success rate of around 86%. However, they are not perfect. The best way to keep your smile intact is to take preventive measures that will keep your teeth healthy. A beautiful smile can give you confidence and help you professionally and personally. Is it always possible to keep our teeth in perfect condition? No, but that doesn't mean we can't try.

When Should You See an Endodontist?

When Should You See an Endodontist?

The first and most obvious sign of something wrong with your teeth is intense pain and sensitivity to hot or cold. As the problem progresses and decay advances into the deeper tissues of your tooth, the damage to the nerves can become more and more pronounced, translating into persistent and intense pain that will be hard to ignore. A second sign of an infected tooth is swelling of the gum and the presence of pus from a visible abscess. As the infection progresses, the adjacent soft tissues may be affected, and they will either appear red and swollen or release some of the infection that has accumulated deep between your dental tissues.

Your Manhattan endodontist will first perform an X-ray or a 3d scan of your tooth to get all the exact data needed to intervene on the cavity that's bothering you. If it is not very deep, then a simple filling might be enough to stop the pain, but in case of a severe infection that has affected the nerve endings, an apicoectomy might be necessary, and treatment with antibiotics for at least a week might be mandatory. Tooth abscesses are unpleasant, but left untreated; they can turn into dangerous infections that may spread to the other tissues of your body, which is a medical emergency.

A Smile is Worth the Effort

Your teeth are a true natural treasure. And even though their durability is well-known in the natural kingdom, nowadays, our diets can cause us to suffer from cavities, which can be painful to deal with. A Manhattan endodontist can solve your problems and help you regain your smile. Moreover, the many tools they have at their disposal might make it so your dental issues will not reappear. 

Toothaches can be one of the most distressing ailments of our body, and left untreated; they can even become chronic and dangerous conditions that might endanger our health. An endodontist can prescribe the medication needed for a complete recovery after a dangerous infection and intervene surgically to eliminate any abscess. Furthermore, their expertise can be crucial for the dental reconstruction work needed after unfortunate injuries.