Cargo Freight International Shipment: Pros and Cons

Like any other cargo freight international shipment type, sea container transportation has its usual features. Let's look at them and determine whether this type of delivery suits your particular situation or is better to use other types of shipment.

Cargo Freight International Shipment: Pros and Cons

Advantages of Cargo Freight International Transportation

What are the conditions for companies to choose sea international container shipping? Let's take a look at their benefits:

  • A safe method of cargo transportation. Traveling by sea, accidents occur much less than in the case of road transport. Moreover, sea transportation does not affect the cargo as sudden stops and bumps on the road due to unforeseen situations and road damages.
  • Nice price. In addition to the fact that sea vessels can accommodate and simultaneously transport oversized cargo, such transportation will cost less than air delivery.
  • Deadlines. Cargo vessels move clearly according to the schedule — the ship runs on a specific route and is not delayed.
  • Developed infrastructure. Usually, goods are delivered from one continent to another through international ports. You can pick up your item there, or the logistics company will provide it to the address on demand.
  • Any cargo. The volume of a sea vessel allows you to accommodate a load of any size and type. In some cases, pallet shipping international transportation from the USA to Europe is considered the only solution to the logistical problem.

Are There Any Disadvantages of the International Freight Shipping?

Many can’t even imagine the complex process of delivering goods by sea. During the delivery process, your cargo changes vehicles at least twice. There are certain inconveniences associated with this. Therefore, only experienced logisticians with well-developed connections should be engaged in the sea transportation of goods.

A ship with containers on board moves slowly. It is better to choose air transportation for urgent delivery and perishable goods.

What Containers Does the Meest Offer?

Meest is an international freight forwarder trusted by customers from different countries for many years. The company offers cargo delivery to any international airport from America and the USA. They ship about 4–6 containers per week and offer free storage at the company warehouse for up to 21 days.

Containers of 20 and 40 feet are the most massive segment in transportation — they are multifunctional, and you can learn more about Meest containers at

  • 20-foot containers are more often sent for heavy cargo.
  • 40-foot containers are used to transport less heavy but more voluminous cargo.

The Meest Corporation also supplies the client with special containers to transport specific cargo. Just inform the company through the particular form what load you need to be delivered, and the Meest managers will let you know.