Choosing the Right Hair Highlighting Kit – Our Guide

Whether it’s Balayage, Ombre and Sombre, Babylights or just the preparation for a permanent hair dye – a hair highlighting kit may accompany you in many situations. Do you want to enliven your hair, add depth and touch of elegance to it and look like after a visit to a professional hair salon?

Choosing the Right Hair Highlighting Kit – Our Guide

Then you need to choose the best hair highlighting kit. How to do that? We’ll explain it here, so…keep reading!

Select the best hair highlighting kit for your hair color

You know what distinguishes licensed, experienced hair colorists? Their ability to choose the best hair coloring for your current hair color. After all, each of us probably experienced this at least once in her life – choosing a hair dye, then getting a color that completely didn’t match our expectations. To avoid that, we need to choose the hair highlighting kit that is dedicated to hair like ours.

Hair highlighting kit for blonde hair

Blonde hair are wonderful when it comes to dyeing them – so many highlighting kits will give you wonderful outcomes. But, even here, there are some colors that look even better than the other. Which ones should you choose? Here are some examples!

  • Subtle highlights – There is no one color for subtle highlights – you should get a hair highlighting kit in a slightly lighter shade than your base color! Such hair will look like natural, and the lighter locks will add richness and warmth to your hairstyle, mimicking the way the sun naturally illuminates your hair.
  • Chocolate brown highlights – You want a twist? Want to surprise your friends? Get a chocolate brown hair highlighting kit! This color will add contrast to your natural hair, creating an intriguing, attention-absorbing look!

Hair highlighting kit for black hair

We’ve done blonde, now let’s do black. This color is a bit more tricky – it’s not that easy to cover it with something else. Nevertheless, there are some wonderful options to do so!

  • Auburn highlights – If you have deep black hair, you might want to add warmth to them, do you? Well, auburn is the ideal solution to that. It creates some lighter shades of black and brown that won’t be that different from your base color, but different enough to add this comfy, cozy touch to your looks.
  • Ash highlights – Some want to get rid of every grayish hair, other embrace it. If you are among the latter, you definitely need to try an ash highlighting kit with your black hair. It will create a contrast that will let you feel like a true aristocrat.

Choose the best ingredients

Finding the best color is one thing, but you know what else you should be aware of? Harsh hair highlight kit ingredients. They can damage your hair and make the whole highlighting process unbearable. What to avoid?

  • Ammonia
  • PPD
  • Resorcinol

The takeaway

How to choose the best hair highlighting kit? Check the ingredient list and avoid the products with the most harsh substances. Also, choose a color that works well with your base hair – otherwise, the outcome might not be the one you desired.