How Often Should Pest Control Be Done to Your Home?

The United States Census Bureau declares that pests in American homes raise significant health concerns. Approximately 14 million housing units say that in the last 12 months, they saw roaches in their homes. Further, 14.8 million housing units reported the presence of rodents in the previous year.

How Often Should Pest Control Be Done to Your Home?

How often should pest control be done? Pest control services are never one-and-done. Removing pests requires active treatments. 

You want to schedule a proactive calendar of treatments. Here are the essential details about how to be pest-free.

Getting Rid of Pests

The first rule of a pest-free home is understanding that they can invade any time of year if you are not careful. That is why scheduling pest control services at least quarterly, if not sooner, is vital. To be aggressive, you would want your home treated every other month.

That is because treatments can be ineffective after a few months and leave your home exposed. Pests like spiders, ants, fleas, roaches, rodents, etc., can move in without your permission.

What Do Treatments Include?

Working closely with professional exterminator services near you is a smart move for effective pest management. These experts specialize in pinpointing and keeping a watchful eye on areas that are magnets for pests.

In such targeted zones, they implement pest control barriers with environmentally sensitive treatments. Their strategy includes deploying pet-safe rodent traps and sprays that are considerate of ecological well-being, ensuring your home remains both pest-free and eco-friendly.

January to March

The first three months are a time of year when pests are seeking two things: easy-to-access food and warmth. Without protection, your home can be attractive to hungry wildlife and insects.

Also, some pests become more active as spring approaches and create colonies. Typical pests invading this time of year are spiders, silverfish, rodents, and subterranean termites.

April to June

Entering the brilliant days of spring and the start of summer, pests are in full action with the warmer temperature. If you do not schedule pest control services, you only leave your home without protection.

Types of pests this year include fleas, ants, spiders, and earwigs. What are earwigs? If you have trouble identifying your problem, click the link to learn more.

July to September

This time brings the hottest days and a perfect temperature for many pesky pest invaders. These creatures are still hungry for more. For a pest-free home, you must guard against spiders, earwigs, fleas, drywood termites, and ants.

October to December

As the temperatures cool, pests seek a warm home to survive the bitter cold months. Common autumn pests include spiders, ants, fleas, drywood termites, earwigs, and rodents.

However, you may encounter roaches, bed bugs, and nuisance birds as pests all year.

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How Often Should Pest Control Be Done?

You will want to keep it under control all year, even as the type of pests change, but how often should pest control be done? It is best to schedule treatments every other month if you want to be proactive. At a minimum, prepare them once a quarter.

Getting rid of pests is just one of the many challenges life will throw your way. Don't worry; we publish articles daily to help you face them, so don't leave. Keep clicking for more intelligent advice.