How to Take a Beautiful Selfie on iPhone

iOS technology, specially iPhones are really very famous for cation of superb photos and videos. If you are having an iPhone, then you should take and capture the best pictures with it.

How to Take a Beautiful Selfie on iPhone

In this article, we are going to guide you about how to take beautiful and astonishing selfies on an iPhone, by following just simple steps ans some tips. And make your friends and fellows surprise.

How to Take a Beautiful Selfie on iPhone

To take a beautiful selfie, all you need to have is an iPhone, and to read this guide carefully that we are sharing only for you, to make you know the better way to take a selfie.

Steps to Take a Selfie on iPhone

Follow the given step by step guide to take a beautiful selfie on your iPhone and inspire your friends and fellows by sending these selfies to them:

  1. Go to the iPhone Homescreen.
  2. Launch the Camera app.
  3. Choose the front camera by selecting the Switch Camera icon.
  4. Now, select Portrait or Photo mode. The Portrait or Portrait Lighting mode will blur the background of your selfie to give it a better look.
  5. Now, take the position or do the pose in which you want to capture your selfie, you iPhone will also guide you to come closer or ahead. When you have taken your position, click your selfie by tapping the Shutter button or press the volume button from the side of your iPhone.
  6. Your selfie will be saved in the Photos app on your iPhone.

That's it, this is how you can take a selfie on iPhone. 

How to Click Better Selfies on iPhone

Its not just the game of clicking the selfie, you should also know how to use iPhone Settings and some other tips to take a better selfie. Here we are to help you in this regard, follow the given guide:

  • For amazing selfies, use the six Portarait lighting modes.
  • The next thing is to adjust the Depth of Field (the focal lengthslider) to blur your background and do focus on your Face.
  • You can also select to take 3 or 10 seconds timer delay to take your position, do the pose and take your selfie automaically.
  • Adjust the light on your face by moving the Exposure slider manually.
  • If you are taking the selfie to uplaod on social media then choose the Square photo option in Photo mode.
  • If you are taking selfie in low light, then turn the flash On both in Photo or Portrait mode.

With all these settings, try to take selfie in natural light, choose the right backgroung and clean the iPhone Camera lens with some soft cloth. These tips will give you mind blowing results.

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Q: Which button should be pressed to take a selfie on iPhone?

Ans: That's a simple thing, just press the Shutter button or any of the Volume button to click a selfie on iPhone.

Q: How can I turn on the front camera on iPhone?

Ans: Go to the Camera app on your iPhone and then simply select the Switch Camera icon to turn the front camera On, on your iPhone.

So, this guide was to help you about how to take a beautiful selfie on your iPhone, and make it better by doing some settings and following some simple tips.

For more updates and how to guides, stay with us.