How to Use GIFs on Facebook

 Like other social medias, GIFs has become more commoonly used on Facebook also. GIFs are like moving pictures that can describe what you want to express in more impressinve way.

How to Use GIFs on Facebook

In this article we are going to discuss about how to use GIFs on Facebook and make your chats on Facebook more inchanting and enjoying.

How to Use GIFs on Facebook

Facebook has its own built in GIF tool that can be used to share GIFs on Facebook, and you have no need to search for GIFs using any third party app to share on Facebook. 

Steps to Use Facebook's own Built In Feature

Using Facebook's GIF built in feature you can share GIFs to your Status and comment section. You can follow the given instruction both for Facebook web and app:

  1. Open Facebook.
  2. From the top of your news feed or on profile, find the Create Post field.
  3. If you are using FB Web, beneath the field tap the three dotted icon and then select GIF.
  4. And if you are using FB App, inside the field tap What's on your Mind and then select the GIF.
  5. You can select any GIF from the appeared trending GIFs, Or you can search for any selective type of GIF by typing any keywords or phrases in GIF search field.
  6. After finding your GIF, tap or click the GIF to insert it into your post. 
  7. You can select only one GIF to share at a time for a post.

Facebook GIFs in Comments

  1. You can also share GIFs in comments using Facebook on web or app.
  2. Open Facebook. 
  3. Go to the comment field.
  4. Look for the GIF icon bside the comment field.
  5. Search for a GIF by typing keywords or phrases in the search field or select any GIF from the appeared GIFs.
  6. After you found the GIF you need, click or tap it to insert it to your comment.

That's it, you have done it.


Q: How to share GIFs on Facebook?

Ans: Follow the above guide to share GIFs on Facebook.

Q: Why can not I share GIFs on Facebook?

Ans: You can share GIFs in comments on your friend's and your own posts.

So, this was an interesting and easy to follow guide for you to know about how to use GIFs on Facebook.

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