Review: Quick and Easy Ways to Extract Text from Images

Are you tired of retyping the text from the image? Do you want to use a tool that will help you extract text from the image?

Well don’t go any further!! This is the right place for you. Review: Quick and Easy Ways to Extract Text from Images

There are plenty of tools on the internet that claim to convert images to text but not every tool is worth your precious time.

To save you from the trouble, we have surfed the internet, tested several tools and carefully chosen THE BEST tool that will help you extract text from the images. is the best tool that will help you convert an image to text quickly and easily. In this guide, we will discuss several features of image to, its advantages for different professions and how you use it to convert image to text.

So, let’s commence our discussion.

What is

What is is an AI tool that helps a user in extracting text from the image. Retyping important data from images or handwritten notes is a long and dry process which bores most of the people, thus this tool developed for such dry processes. It helps in extracting data swiftly and accurately.

How does it work? is an artificially intelligent tool which uses ORC models that allows the software to detect text in image and convert it into e-text which can be easily edited and stored in a computer archive or a database.

What are the Features of is a revolutionary tool which has many highlighting features that distinguish it from other competitor tools. Let’s have a look at its features:

1.   Free of Cost: is available for free, you can use it without signing up or making an account. It extracts text from images or images without any charges.

2.   Multiple Languages:

The tool not only extract English text from images but also the text written in other languages including Chinese, Russian, French, Korean, Spanish, German etc. Thus it makes it easier from all over the world to use this tool for converting images to text.

3.   Multiple Input Formats:

The tool accepts images in various formats including JPG, PNG, Gif, JPEG, BMP, TIFF and WEBP. Thus you can upload your image without worrying to convert it to a specific format before use.

4.   Image Size:

The tool accepts various sizes of image. They can be small or large but the limit of an image size is 10MB. If you don’t know mostly images are in KBs which are smaller than MB (1000KB = 1 MB)

5.   Low-resolution Image Extraction:

The tool can detect and extract text from images with low-resolution. Low resolution means the images are blurry or distorted. But you don’t have to worry because the AI technology of can cope with that.

6.   Extract Mathematical Structures: is an AI powered tool thus it allows the user to extract mathematical expressions and equations from an image. It also has the ability to extract polynomial expressions and arithmetic equations. Thus it allows the mathematicians, engineers, architects and physicists to digitize their handwritten calculations.

7.   Multiple Image Conversion: allows the users to convert multiple images to text at a time. The feature helps users in extracting more data simultaneously. A user can extract text from 50 images at a time.

What are its Advantages in Different Professions?

Every single profession is automated thanks to computers, technology and the internet. Computers help us work swiftly and accurately, getting more work done in less time. Let’s discuss advantages of in various fields:

·         The lawyers and legal times required to enter data of their clients in the databases. This includes contracts, cases, agreements and other legal documents. All of this information is in printed form and the teams have to hire special employees just to enter data. This tool helps the legal firms and individual lawyers in recording their legal data to their databases easily.

·         The healthcare professionals are also required to enter patients’ data, medical history, reports, prescription and treatment information into the hospitals’ database or archive. This tool can assist the healthcare providers in accurately entering the patient’s data.  

·         The journalists and reporters have interviews, handwritten information, press releases etc. which they need to retype before writing a report or new article. This tool can also help journalists in converting data from those hand written notes to e-text.

·         The HR managers or teams have resumes, employees’ information and various forms that they need to enter in the office system. This tool assists HR teams in making accurate records of employees fast.

·         Physicists and mathematicians are required to digitalize the calculations and new formulas they have discovered. This tool assists them in doing so because it is able to extract arithmetic equations and polynomial signs.

·         Marketing agencies use feedback, surveys and comments to devise new marketing strategies. This tool helps these agencies in digitizing their findings without needing to retype the information on the computer.

·         The publishers can also make e-books using this tool which they can sell on websites like Kindle and Amazon to make more money.

·         Students and teachers can use it to digitalize the handwritten or printed notes and documents.

No matter which field you belong to, this tool comes in handy because we are living in the digital age where all the information is required to be automated or digitalized.

How to use is a very user-friendly tool. Even if you are not a tech geek, you can still use it easily. It converts image to text in just 2 simple steps:

1.   Upload the image:

First you need to upload the image or images you want to convert to text. The images can be uploaded in three ways:

·         You can click on the “Browse” option to upload the images from your computer. Click browse, a dialogue box will appear containing files and folders in your computer. Upload the image/images you want to convert.

·         Drag and drop the image from the computer to the dialogue box.

·         Copy the image and paste it in the dialogue box by simple shortcut “CTRL+V”.

2.   Get Text:

Once the image/images have been uploaded, click the option saying, “Get Text” and within a few seconds the text will be extracted from the image/s.

You can copy/paste or download the text as you desire.

That’s it!! isn’t it a piece of cake?

To conclude, is the best image to text converter in 2023. It allows the users to convert text in image, handwritten notes and printed documents into e-text that can be edited and stored for later use. This makes the retyping job easy, accurate and efficient. Thus it is 100% recommended.