Is LinkedIn a Thing of the Past? How to Use TikTok and Instagram for Job Seeking

Professionals looking for networking connections and career chances frequently use LinkedIn. However, new social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram are becoming more popular in the labor market as technology continues to alter our lives and the younger generation enters the job market.

Is LinkedIn a Thing of the Past? How to Use TikTok and Instagram for Job Seeking

This article will examine whether LinkedIn is outdated and how TikTok and Instagram might be used efficiently for job searching.

The Changing Job-Seeking Paradigm

Job searchers, recruiters, and employers have relied extensively on the professional networking giant LinkedIn for many years. It allows professionals to highlight their qualifications, expertise, and successes. 

The Rise of TikTok for Job Seeking

A. Highlighting Creativity and Personality: Thanks to TikTok's short format, job applicants may show their creativity and personality in brief videos. They can differentiate themselves from conventional resumes and LinkedIn profiles by producing captivating content that shows their abilities, interests, and experiences.

B. Networking and sector Insights: According to ExpressVPN, TikTok gives job searchers a unique chance to connect with professionals and learn about the sector. Connecting with industry leaders and participating in their content can open up work prospects.

C. Personal Brand Building: Job searchers can use TikTok to establish their brands and grow fan bases in their fields. Employers and other professionals with similar interests can be attracted by producing helpful and exciting material.

Instagram: A Platform for Professional Branding

A. Visual Storytelling: Instagram is an excellent medium for showing achievements, initiatives, and professional experiences because it strongly emphasizes visual content. Candidates for jobs can effectively express their professional stories with images and videos.

B. Interacting with Employers: Through comments and direct messaging, Instagram makes it possible to communicate directly with potential employers. Engaging with businesses and potential employers can show a sincere interest in and dedication to the job search.

C. Highlighting Portfolio: Instagram may be used as a portfolio presentation for creative people like painters, designers, and photographers. Job seekers can showcase their work and draw interest from potential customers or employers by curating an appealing feed.

LinkedIn vs. TikTok and Instagram

While each platform has its perks, TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn each focus on certain aspects of job searching. LinkedIn is excellent for official resumes, job advertisements, and professional networking. It is still a vital tool for networking with employers and business leaders.

However, TikTok and Instagram offer a more original and entertaining way to showcase talents and personalities. These platforms are especially helpful for those working in creative fields or looking for positions that demand excellent communication and visual presentation.

Balancing Professionalism and Creativity

TikTok and Instagram let users express themselves freely, but job seekers must balance this with maintaining a professional image. It is crucial to ensure that the information supports professional objectives and effectively represents job seekers to potential employers.

Tips for Using Instagram and TikTok for Job Search

A. Establish Your Brand: Job searchers should establish their brand before using TikTok and Instagram. Create content that is consistent with your brand identity and takes into account your talents, interests, and professional objectives.

B. Interact with the Community: Making connections and increasing your visibility can be accomplished by interacting with other users, including professionals and future employers. Share, like, and comment on content that involves your area of interest.

C. Demonstrate Your Expertise: Share your knowledge and expertise via these channels. Post educational material, advice, and insights to show that you are knowledgeable about your sector.

D. Maintain Your Professionalism: Be innovative, but keep your content professional. Don't read anything provoking or offensive that might hurt your career prospects.


LinkedIn is still useful for businesses, recruiters, and job seekers. However, job-seeking paradigms are changing due to the new social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. These platforms allow job seekers to demonstrate their creativity, personality, and skill in novel and captivating ways.

Adopting new platforms and tactics can give job searchers a competitive edge and open doors to intriguing employment prospects as the job-seeking landscape changes.