Essential Guide to SEO For Business Owners and Start-Ups In 2023: How to Get Your Website Found Online

Businesses are there to make sales; that's the core of their operation. Driving sales, as well as increasing customer traffic, opens up the floodgates to increased revenue, growth, and more customer traffic.

Essential Guide to SEO For Business Owners and Start-Ups In 2023: How to Get Your Website Found Online

Speaking of customer traffic, selling to your target audience is impossible if you're nowhere to be seen. In other words, customers need to know where you are, find you quickly, and shop from or interact with your websites before you can beat your chest in accomplishment.

But the tricky part is making those plans work. With millions of websites on the web (with at least a few thousand in your niche), how do you stand out and attract your target audience?

7 Strategies for Drawing Customers to Your Website

1. Optimise Your Product Website

The first thing you should be wary of is how well-presented your products are. Will the customers love what they see when they read about your product? Will the description be enough to capture their attention? These are questions you need to provide the solution between amazing nights.

2. Build A Social Media Presence

You need social media to tap into the vast customer pool and drive them towards your platform. Social media is a hub for billions of citizens, so finding leads is no issue. However, customer conversion will only occur when you can link them from your social media page to your homepage.

3. Run Flash Sales and Promotions

Customers love a discount. No matter what it is, once they see a remarkable price slash, they're likely to get that product. This is where you offer coupons and vouchers for them to enjoy as they shop for your products, leading to customer conversion.

4. Partner with Creators and Influencers

Next, you'll need to collaborate with other famous influencers and creators, especially figures with loads of followers that match your target audience. Have these influencers promote your brand and products in exchange for gifts or payment.

5. Blog Posts Should Be Optimised

Every shopping spree starts with a little search on Google. Therefore, you'll need to adopt the best SEO practices to optimise your webpage. For instance, the blogs should revolve around keywords related to the customer's needs. This will help the website rank higher on Google engine.

6. Employ the Use of Video Content for Product Descriptions

Customers always want to be in the loop and understand what's happening. In this case, your company needs to implement the use of video content to portray the ideals you hold. You can also discuss other factors that are making waves. This will increase engagement and increase customer traffic.

7. Run Google Ads Campaign

Once again, every shopping experience starts with a search online. So, aside from improving on SEO, brands can also contact digital marketing agencies like Vendo Digital to apply for Google ads and effectively choose between the types of search ads, video ads, and display ads.


You could boast the best products and services, but they'll be all for naught if there's no one to buy them. It's essential to develop the best strategies to stand out and dominate the market. Eventually, the level of confidence translates to pulling all the customers to your platform.