Five Tips for a Successful Local Move & Relocation Experience

Moving locally from one neighborhood to the next can seem relatively simple and even straightforward. However, you must remember that you are still relocating your entire household and everything in it. Short-distance moving doesn’t mean everything will automatically be successful and stress-free - although it sure would be nice if that were how it would be! Going into things with a plan, staying organized, being on top of things, and future responsibilities are all tasks that will remain whether you are relocating locally or moving long distances.

Five Tips for a Successful Local Move & Relocation Experience

Securing a local moving service in Houston, TX, is one way to recognize the challenges ahead and remain proactive about the relocation process. Homeowners and renters in the Lone Star are migrating because so many newly developed communities offer benefits they could not previously access otherwise - regardless of your reason for making a local move, a lot of preparation goes into it!

Get Started Planning Early

When preparing for any significant change in your life or household, it is crucial to consider what needs to be done to follow through with this change and how you will achieve it. Successful planning means starting early, as early and as far in advance as possible - to give yourself enough time to mentally and logistically prepare. Local moves are not quite as drastic as cross-country relocations, but they require you to pack up all your belongings and transport them somewhere new.

There is no getting around the planning process; this allows you to stay organized throughout all the little changes that occur along the way. Create a physical list of everything you need to get and check off each item as completed. This provides a guide and a loose timeline to prep everything before your moving day. The sooner you get started on this, the better - this way, you are not overwhelming yourself and stuck on a time crunch to finish everything within a week. 

Declutter, Then Declutter Some More

A large part of local moving preparation is looking at the stuff currently in your house or apartment - organizing and sorting through so that when you carry onto your new place, you are not bringing along things that you no longer need nor have an actual use for. It is so nice walking into a new chapter of your life, having both literally and figuratively decluttered and downsides - and maybe you have to because you are heading into an apartment with a smaller storage space or a smaller home because the kids have left for college, either way, decluttering is the best way to make the rest of your transition easier!

Pack Overtime

Once everything has been adequately decluttered and you understand what items to pack up and move - you can plan accordingly for packing materials and supplies. Since you have been proactive about all the other details of your move, you can take your time inventorying your needs and consulting with professional movers about your packing options. Most moving companies will provide various packing package options - anywhere from complete packing services to customized and individualized packing necessities. 

Speaking with a moving professional will help you develop a plan around what will be packed up on a moving day and what you need to complete beforehand. Take your time packing everything up - go room by room and involve the entire family. You can even assign your kiddos responsibility for their own space! This will make them feel more involved while experiencing all the changes that lie ahead.

Notify Essential Parties and Transfer Bills

Many think that packing is the worst part of moving because of how time-consuming and tedious everything can be, but when you have a crew of movers that can do all the labor for you - sometimes the most annoying aspects of local moves are the most essential. Getting your utilities switched over, internet set up, updating your mailing address, etc. These are all things we understand as necessary, but they aren’t always fun to do, and sometimes the bureaucracy of the details can be incredibly frustrating. This is why giving yourself enough time is critical - you can notify the necessary parties of your address change and any information needed, and then take the time to prep your new home with utilities, etc.

Contact Professionals for Assistance

A reliable moving company in your neighborhood is the key to unlocking a stress-free move! Hercules Movers & Packers in Houston, TX, serves the Lone Star state with superior moving services whether you are relocating locally, long-distance, or across the country! Hercules is committed to creating a new moving experience, simplifying the process, and making all procedures more convenient for the client. When you are ready to move, getting in touch with the right moving crew will develop and cultivate a comfortable migration for you and everyone in your household!