How to Post GIFs from your X Account

Like other social medias, and their advancements, Twitter (now X) also makes the best use of new technologies and lets you to share and tweet what is in your mind to most of the people. You can also send or post GIF with your tweet (now Post) or separately.

How to Tweet GIFs from your Twitter Account

In this article we will discuss about how to tweet GIFs from your X acoount by following some very simple and easy steps.

How to Tweet GIFs from your X Account

You don't have to do much to share a GIF on Twitter, as X the new twitter app has a built in feature to share GIFs along with any tweet or separatly as you wish. You can follow this guide to be aware about how to tweet GIFs.

Steps to Tweet GIF on X

To add a GIF to your tweet or send a GIF separately on X follow the given steps:

  1. Log in to your Twitter (X) account.
  2. Now, make a click inside the tweet composer box, or you can select the Post Composer button, for activation of the buttons.
  3. From the Phot/Video camera icon and the poll icon, select the GIF icon.
  4. The GIF search box will be opened.
  5. Select from the options, that what category of GIFs would you like to open.
  6. You can also search GIFs by entering some keywords or phrases in the search bar.
  7. Now, select the GIF that you want to share. 
  8. By selecting the GIF, it will automatically be inserted into your tweet.
  9. You followers can see this GIF with your post.
  10. You can share upto four GIFs in a single post.
  11. To delete the GIF you can select the ✖ icon in the upper right corner of the GIF.


Q: How to send GIF on X?

Ans: You can follow the above guide to post a GIF along with your post or separately.

Q: Why can't I share my GIF on X?

Ans: Check the size limit of the GIF that you are trying to post. You can not send a GIF larger than 15 MB on Web and 5 MB on Mobile. If your GIF is larger than the fixed limit, reduce the GIF size using any GIF compressor.

Q: What is the use of X GIF tab?

Ans: When you are composing any tweet or message to be shared on X, the X GIF tab offers you to add any related GIF with your tweet to explain it better.

Q: Where I can find the GIF bar?

Ans: You can find the GIF bar next to the emoji button on mobile and between the photo attachement and sticker buttons on the desktop.

So, this was an easy and simple guide to help you know about how to tweet GIFs from your X account.

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