How to Watch YouTube Videos on Apple Watch

 iOS technology has much more for you that you can enjoy in your life everyday. Apple Watch is a great addition in modern technology and it has made things more easier for you.

How to Watch YouTube Videos on Apple Watch

In this article we are going to discuss about how to watch YouTube videos on Apple Watch by following some simple and easy methods.

How to Watch YouTube Videos on Apple Watch

As you know there is no any built in option to play YouTube videos on Apple Watch, so we have searched and found some ways to help you in this regard.

Watch YouTube Shorts for Free

Are you looking for how to watch YouTube Shorts on your Apple Watch for free? Then you have got to be on the right place here, follow the given instructions:

  1. On your Apple Watch, open the App Store.
  2. In the search bar, search for "YS for YouTube".
  3. Download the searched app.
  4. Now, open the app on your Apple Watch.
  5. Now, from the appeared videos, select a video and finally, hit the Play icon.

And that's it, enjoy watching the YouTube Shorts videos just as you enjoy to watch these videos on your iPhone.

Use Messages App to Watch Videos

If you want to watch videos on your Apple Watch using the Messages app, then follow the given step by step guide:

  1. On your iPhone download any YouTube video. Make sure to save it to Photos.
  2. Now, open the Messages app.
  3. Select any contact.
  4. Now, click the Apple icon then go to Photos.
  5. Next, send the downloaded video.
  6. Now, on your Apple Watch open the Messages app.
  7. Just tap the video and it will be played for you.

And that's it, you have done it.


Q: Can I wacth YouTube videos on Apple Watch?

Ans: Apple Watch does not have the in built feature to play YouTube videos on it. However, you may try other ways to play videos on Apple Watch, as you can download the other apps like "YS for YouTube" and "MiniYT" to watch YouTube videos on Apple Watch.

Q: How can I watch YouTube videos for free?

Ans: With "MiniYT" you can watch YouTube videos on Apple Watch but it would be paid, if you are looking for watching YouTube videos on Apple watch for free then, you can go with "YS for YouTube".

So, this guide was to help you know about the simple and easy methods about how to watch YouTube videos on your Apple Watch.

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