5 Ways to Take Advantage of Fall’s Cooler Temps

As the humid and hot give way to the crisp and cool, it’s the perfect time to revel in the outdoors before winter arrives. There are mountains to hike, lakes to lounge by, and plenty of delicious foods and drinks to enjoy.

5 Ways to Take Advantage of Fall’s Cooler Temps

Even if you’re not an avid outdoorsperson, autumn is an amazing time to savor the best life has to offer. Read on to learn about five ways you can make the most of the cool fall breezes. 

1. Hiking

It’s hard to compile a list about taking advantage of fall weather without including hiking. Even if your version of a hike is just a walk by the river, autumn is arguably the best season to head outside. From the vibrant foliage to the crisp mountain air, there’s a lot to relish. 

Depending on where you live, the leaves on the trees will soon erupt with color. Traditionally, the New England area of the northeastern U.S. boasts the most vibrant displays. However, you can admire the seasonal tapestry everywhere there are deciduous trees, from Georgia to Alaska.

The crisp air can be incredibly revivifying to your spirit and your health. Just make sure to layer up as the season goes on, as winter is indeed coming. Don something like a Patagonia puffer jacket or a Carhartt hoodie to extend your enjoyment of the cool air as the weeks roll on.

2. Picnics

Cooler weather brings harvest time, and with it, delicious food. Fall is known for having some of the best eating all year. Autumn is the season when the work of sowing seeds in spring and summer comes to fruition. And with Thanksgiving just around the corner, turkey, apples, and pumpkin spice are all on the menu. 

It’s a great time to eat out, and not just at restaurants. Though picnicking may be seen as more of a summer activity, early fall is also a perfect time to do so. Why not try your hand at cooking your own tasty treats to pack? Realizing that a delicious hand pie, cupcake, or turnover is homebaked really adds to the wow factor.

A picnic is a great excuse to get people together and bask in the light before it fades. The warm summer sun offsets the cooler autumn air, making a nice hilltop with a view the ideal place for a perfect afternoon. So grab some of your favorite fall treats, gather a few friends, and embrace the best the season has to offer. 

3. Apple Picking

Another fun activity for friends and family alike is apple picking. Depending on the variety, apples are in season from late July through early November. Hence all the apple-based sweets that tantalize your nostrils this time of year. 

If you’ve never done it before, apple picking is a fun and simple way to bond with loved ones for an afternoon. Local orchards will often offer the opportunity for groups to pick apples for a buy-in price. Some larger farms may even provide tractor rides so you can haul your bundles back with ease. 

Keep in mind that apples ripen from the outside of the tree to the trunk. So when searching for the perfect apple, stick to those further from the center to ensure ripeness. When actually going in for the pick, don’t be too forceful. Simply grab the apple from underneath and give it a twist until the stem snaps off the tree. Apples with stems attached tend to keep longer, so you can enjoy your bounty from the start of the season to the finish.

4. Stargazing

As the cold continues to set in, you may become increasingly tempted to stay indoors, especially at night. However, depending on where you live, you may actually want to stay out longer. Because as the nights get longer and colder, the stars tend to become brighter and clearer. 

While summer nights are lovely, they’re not particularly good for stargazing. That’s because warm air is better at holding moisture, which makes the summer night sky hazy. While that can also occur in winter, the local atmosphere’s total capacity for moisture is diminished. This makes stargazing much easier, as the light comes through crisp and clean. 

To make the most of your stargazing experience, equip yourself with a proper telescope. You’ll be able to zoom in on the glimmers, wisps, and splashes of light that catch your eye. The Draconid meteor showers of early October and the Orionids later that month will give you plenty of falling stars to wish upon. 

5. Scenic Drives

You can still enjoy the season even if you’re not much of a hiker or aren’t particularly partial to colder weather. Fall is one of the best times to hit the road for a scenic drive, especially if you can explore a hilly area. The rolls and slopes of the Northeast are particularly beautiful to drive through during October. Those four weeks are peak leaf-peeping season, when the colors are in full array. 

Don’t have a car? Don’t worry! You can always rent one for your adventure or go on a group tour instead. There are lots of high-windowed and double-decker buses ready to show you the sights.

Looking for a more ambitious alternative? Take a glass-domed train trip across Alaska in railcars that travel along the coast and through Denali National Park. These rides offer breathtaking, unobscured views, putting the powerful and wild beauty of Alaska on full display. It’s a different kind of autumn adventure that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. 

Embrace the Cool

Autumn is a lovely time of year, no matter how you decide to embrace it. Whether you like to sample the seasonal produce or get one last trek in, there’s something for everyone. So get out there and enjoy the precious weeks of peak autumn!